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A decent gaming headset

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Hello, I want to get a cheap, decent headphones, mainly to play games with (like call of duty) and maybe use them outside for music. I was looking at something like the SteelSeries 3H/4H or maybe the Siberia v2. I dont really need a microphone. Can you tell me which headset is better - 3H or 4H? Or are the more money for Siberia v2 worthed? If neither of these headsets are good, recommend me something for around 50 euros, 100 tops. 

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Just a tip, you might want to avoid gaming headsets if you don't need a microphone. You will get much better sound quality per dollar buying regular headphones.

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Yup, that's why I want you to recommend me something... I also checked the Razer Orca and Electra headphones, but I don't think they are good for gaming. Just now I saw some Philips models - PHILIPS SHG7210, PHILIPS SHG7980, PHILIPS SHG8000 are they any good.


P.S. I'm checking only what is available in my country, because I dont want to pay extra for shiping.


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From my experience, gaming is a lot more enjoyable when you have bassy headphones. The reason is because explosions sound a lot more realistic, and it makes you feel like the atmosphere is actually pounding against your head. I would recommend the Sony XB700s. They sound absolutely amazing. The Audio Technica 900x is also really great, and maybe even better because they provide better spacial separation (even while being closed back). They're more expensive, so I don't know if they're really what you would want.

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