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Beats Pro vs. Fanny Wang 3000

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I was wondering if anyone had advice on deciding between buying the Beats Pro or Fanny Wang 3000. I am a dj. I mainly want to know some info on the fanny wangs from someone who has them. Also any pros and cons would be helpful.



Harry Patterson

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You're a DJ and you want those crappy phones lol

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Neither of them are good, i have heard. Buy something else and better or stay ignorant in you bliss....

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Go for the Ultrasone DJ1 Headphones... best DJ headphones under $250.......... much better than the ****ty phones you listed xd

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Nice intro to this forum if his new biggrin.gif

Just saying, the comments might be a bit harsh

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Noise cancelling is a high priority to me. Any other suggestions?

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Hard to say... Active noise canceling headphones tend to be bad, just so you know. In ears aren't an option i guess tongue.gif

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active noise cancelling might not be good for atmospheres with lotsa sound variations ...like a 'thud' sound can be picked up by the nc system.


you should try sets with passive cancelling instead ...i believe most of the djs use them anyway .except for one guy who i saw used a sm3 eek.gif......some good passive nc sets with great sq are sennheiser hd 25 I-ii, dt 1350 by beyerdynamic and also sets like srh 750 dj by shure , ath m50 by audio technica, all provide decent to great isolation ...

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I haven't heard the Fanny Wang 3000 so I can't comment on those. The Pros, however, are pretty good sounding.


But if you're a serious DJ, you shouldn't consider either one. They're ridiculously overpriced, for one. Second, the Pros are some of the most uncomfortable headphones out there- heavy, bulky, high clamping- it's impossible for me to wear for more than an hour.


Good luck with your search. And try not to mind the beats bashing you'll see on the forums. biggrin.gif

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Come on now, let's give some advice here instead of just bashing someone.


Now here's a few things to consider.


1) Active Noise Cancellation along the Beats line in my experience is exactly the pinnacle of noise cancellation... or really, particularly that good. 

2) That being said, I would not use active noise cancellation if I were a DJ. ANC works by inverting noise to cancel it out (hence noise cancelling). So microphone takes sound in, in theory no noise comes out. In theory. But this system only goes so far for sound that changes constantly. It works exquisitely well for monotonous sound (take an airplane for example), at least for the QC15's, but in a club setting where there's thumping beats and changing chords? You'd be hard pressed to find a set of cans that could eliminate noise. In a club setting, the effectiveness of cancelling out bass I would imagine would be even less effective due to feeling it. tl;dr active noise cancelling for a DJ would be a futile search


3) Suggestions!

Aim for something with good noise isolation, not noise cancellation. Having good isolation is much more valuable than having poor isolation and noise cancellation. I think also that DJs tend to lean towards more bass heavy phones due to the need to outcompete the thumping bass in the environment? Some prefer more bass while others prefer a more reference leaning. Thus, a lot of DJ oriented cans have heavy bass and less treble sparkle to prevent shooting out your hearing in the upper range. It's up to you what you want, and while the Beats Pro are *okay*, you're paying a fortune ($450)for *okay* sound.


Some quick recommendations:

- Ultrasone DJ1, as has already been mentioned. I've not much personal experience with these (read: none), so someone pipe in about them and give a description as to why he should buy them as opposed to just saying to buy them?

- V-Moda Crossfade LP/LP2. While much maligned on Head-Fi in terms of the whole picture, the tuning is bass heavy with less emphasis on the trebles as I mentioned before. Durable. circumaural. From the V-moda website, getting it customized to your look is $200, although buying it off of amazon and shields separately will be ~$150.

- Senn HD-25. Balanced sound, portable, supraaural, durable the classic Head-Fi portable recommendation, plus great isolation to help with DJing. $200ish.

- Audio Technica M50. The other classic Head-Fi entry level recommendation. Also very neat. There's some picture of Dr. Dre wearing the M-50's floating around. Balanced sound with a bit of a bass emphasis, mids are a bit recessed. Again, durable, circumaural, and unlike the other two I've had some experience with, rotating cups and foldable. Price floats around, but with the right seller I think sound professionals for example sells these for $110?

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a couple of my friends DJ and they use Technics RP-DH1200
Ive listened to them a couple of times, but dont remember specifics, they did sound good.they fold up, detachable cable. Most of all they are extremely durable.
and if u looking for some popularity with them, Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz use the same model.

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Headphones with a good seal and isolation are much better than cheesy dr. dre headphones with noise cancelling. You never see pro drummers tracking in the latter.

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best recommendation i can come up with! 


get the beyerdynamic dt 1350 from robble(above)! period!!

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I would say that too. They're excellently balanced with the best damn noise isolation around, almost on par with my IEMs. I guess somehow I forgot to throw that in there, lol 

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what if theyre $99??

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