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Maybe you can help me sort out my question:


Currently I am feeding my MF V-DAC II from an Airport Express via toslink. I am mostly streaming apple-lossless material from itunes. The V-DAC and the rest of my audio chain are located ca. 7m/21 feet from my computer which is my only audio source. This setup basically works, but sound quality is not very good.


The connection-indicator led on the v-dac sometimes flickers for a short time, indicating miniature connection drops. When comparing toslink to connecting the dac to a computer via usb (without the airport express), toslink lacks clarity and stage width.


Currently I think airport express has to go, because its optical output seems to be the source of my inferior sound quality. I can see three options for removing airport express from the chain:


option 1: getting a very long 7m usb cable, connecting computer and dac via usb. I've never seen such a long usb cable though.


option 2: getting a hiface 2 or v-link 2 and connecting via coaxial cable in the hope that the connection will be as good as the usb connection.


option 3: Fixing the airport express: I've had a working airport before, and even though the connection indicator led on the dac would stay lit, sound quality was slighty inferior to a usb connection - for me this is the least preferred method.


What do you think - which option will work/provide the best sound quality? Are there any other good options? Would you recommend a hiface 2 or a v-link 2?