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new headphone, need help with research

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Hi everyone,


Currently I own a pair of Blox M2C earphones and a pair of Sennheiser PX-200 II headphones.

The first one I generally use outside, the latter one generally in-house.


Generally, I do the following things with it (in descending importancy):

- Listening to music from my pc (asus xonar DX soundcard) and cellphone (samsung wave without additionnal amp)

- Watching movies

- Playing games (like bf3)


I primarily listen to instrumental music, especially post-rock, but also other genres: several alternative rock genres, indie, classical, ... Basically a whole lot of genres except R&B, Hip-hop, tibetan throat singing... :-)

Favourite artists are: Godspeed! You Black Emperor, 65dos, Tool, Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, Pink Floyd, explosions in the sky, Ludovico Einaudi, ...


The sennheiser is a good headphone, but has a few flaws:

- Too small, it is pretty unconfortable to wear for a longer period of time

- an annoying volume control (it creaks when adjusting and does weard things when set on max volume)

- cable too short

- lack of bass, I am NOT a basshead, more a fan of neutral tones, but it's just lacking on this headphone


So I started looking for a new headphone:

- budget: around 100 euros (125 dollars)

- preferably around the ear

- I don't care for noise cancelling/isolating aspects, except for the fact they shouldn't leak too much (like Grado's)

- more of a neutral, clear headphone, one that's good in all area's but doesn't under-/overdo a certain aspect, I listen more to instrumentals than vocal music.

- comfortable enough to wear for several hours

- good for movies/tvseries (by that I mean to understand what they are saying :p)

- a long cable (at least 2 meters), detachable is a plus. I like coiled cables except for the fact they are hard to use behind a pc, so preferably a staright one.

- a decent soundstage (also for gaming)

- Sometimes I wear glasses (when not wearing conctact lenses), so one that can be used with glasses would be nice


I then found the following headphones: (via internet, I don't know any shops in my area that has more then a few decent headphones for testing)

- Grado/Alessandro headphones, they do however seem to be quite unnbalanced and leak a lot of sound.

- Sony mdr V6: seems to be a decent pair of headphones for the price, but the sound also seems to be not as good as the others.

- Shure srh440 (83 euros), I really like the sound of these (friend of mine has these), but the cable and the earpads aren't that comfortable. I could replace them both, but that costs me a few extra 10's.
- Shure srh840, as I have good experiences with the 440 and the 840 is a better sounding headphone with better earpads, they seem good. They are a bit expensive though.

- Audio Technica ATH-M50s: I have read a lot about these around here and they seem to be really good and are currently my first choice. However I have a few problems with them: I can only find them for a reasonable price (120 euros incl shipping) on amazon.com, and I live in Europe. Secondly, I sometimes read they are too much V-schaped or too bassy. Thirdly they seem to benefit from amping them, and I wonder if they will do well with my cellphone. I might be buying a headphone amp in the future, but not an expensive one (max around 50)


I still think I'm going to buy the M50s, but I was wondering if someone knew a better alternative for my music tastes?

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From your list of current considerations, I get the idea that you want something balanced? I usually recommend the Brainwavz HM5 for neutral headphones around your price range. IMO they're better than the M50 and SRH840, and they have a great soundstage for closed cans so they would work very well with movies and games. They probably wouldn't sound the best with hip hop, but the same can be said of any well-balanced headphones. I listen to a lot of math rock and they're really good for that. The huge leather pads are really comfortable too.

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Bump for brainwavz hm5. Nice set of cans but not sure how they are with glasses
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