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Sennheiser HD 439 or Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro?

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Hey there, I was wondering which of these headphones is better sounding (clear highs and mids, and which bass response is better). I am not a bass head, but I like warm sounding cans (without sacrificing sound clarity on highs and mids). I've already seen the build quality on both of these headphones (the Custom One Pro is better IMO), so I need to be sure which sounds better before I buy anything. The price is not a problem in this case. Besides, I am considering the Beyerdynamic COP not because of the customizable features, but because of the build quality, the cable and the frequency range (5-35000 Hz, against 17-22500 Hz in the Sennheiser HD 439) and the apparently great noise isolation. So, Just because I like warm headphones don't recommend one that sacrifices clarity for the bass. As a refference point, I currently own a pair of Sennheiser HD 202 (great budget headphones), so I am used to that type of sound.


In the future I'll buy a turntable, amp, and speakers, so which of these will go better with this setting?


As I am new here and this is my first post, I'd like to say that I adore this site and that I have been using it as a great source of information. I love your dedication.


Thank you very much

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I know that the COP has a lot of bass and a lot of highs but hollow/thin/recessed mids. I don't know much about the 439.

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Thanks for the reply! I've read other reviews, for example the Headphonia one, and they all said that the mids were a bit recessed and a little bit on the background, but apparently that's a common thing on Beyerdynamic cans.

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