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A Klipsch iFi 2.1 Speaker system with two reference-grade RSX-3 satellite speakers, 8" subwoofer that goes down to 28Hz, and an iPod dock. This system retailed for $400 and for the quality you get, it's hard to see how Klipsch made a profit. Well, that was until the capacitors went dead, which were cheap chinese things, and this is literally where the only cost-cutting corner was made as far as I can see, but then they were replaced with audiophile-grade capacitors and the rest of the system is built so darn well they could have charged $600 and it'd still be a good value, more or less.

It's one of the best sounding 2.1 PC/Mac and iPod solutions out there, and it can be used with Mac or PC as it has two regular 3.5mm jack inputs as well. Comes with two SANUS stands made for these speakers, speaker wire, and all additional accessories.

Looking for $350 on it, but open to offers, and I'll include two extra of the RSX-3 speakers that I got off an eBay auction as well.