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I just got my ultrasone 900's yesterday and I listen to some of the same music as you, my favorite genre being "Liquid Funk", I would call it Melodic Liquid Dnb myself but that's besides the point. Most of the music I generally lean towards is the melodic driven stuff, often with piano, horns, soaring vocals, and driving synths. Thus far I have found these cans to be kind of disappointing in how shallow the mids are. Granted they are new, so perhaps some burn in will help open them up, I also need to try amping them and playing around with the EQ a bit, but as far as first impressions go.... Well, I've got my fingers crossed that the mids get found alive.


Everything else sounds amazing, the bass is well structured and the highs have a large stage to play in, and for that neurofunk you posted, I don't normally listen to dark stuff,  but damn you're right, it sounded really good. basshead.gif

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Hey guys i read every single post on this chat ( im new to forums and stuff) but i have one question only..some guy is selling these for about 200 bucks which from what i read is a steal..now i will buy them under one condition. Are they good for electronica stuff ? I like music that is loud and a ton of bass but every once in awhile the song will go through a mellow phase and someone will come on the mic and sing ( not not just bass blasting the entire song) i want to just plug these in to my phone for the gym and that's my only purpose for them..What do you guys think, Thanks Again.

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They are awesome for EDM, and definitely a steal for 200 if they are not fake. If you are taking them to the gym.... you should rethink hahaha. Sweat + cloth pads = really bad combination. 

Get some in ear monitors instead, or the more portable M-100 (which i still would not take to the gym.)  Honestly, even if you dont do any cardio, anyone who goes to the gym with serious intent to workout should not be wearing over the ear headphones. Go hard or go home! haha

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