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HD800 Blue & White Softcore

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My recent acquisition of custom-colored HD800 headphones from Colorware. And yes, they sound as good as they look.
















This thread post is to give people an idea of how the HD800s actually look as opposed to the extremely photoshopped and retouched photos from their website. 


I do not claim to be a good photographer. This was taken with little time and with a dirty, mediocre camera so there is much dust on not only the cans but also the lens. These pics are all mine.


EDIT: Fiddling with pictures



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Looks good.  Need a picture of the entire headphone.

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Yeah. big picture of whole headphone. looks quite sexy as is. nice color choice!

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Yeah, I'll post one up in a couple hours. I'm fiddling with my camera since the battery stopped working or something.

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Looks like an excellent job!

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Looks great. Wish ColorWare did more than HD 800 and Beats though. redface.gif
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Nice! I wish I'd gone a custom HD800 as well.

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I've been wanting to pull my HD800 apart to get it resprayed to jet black, unfortunately I don't have the painting skills to do it (on an expensive headphone). It's a massive shame that Colorware does not  offer the custom re-coating service no more. 

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