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For Sale or Trade: LCD2 V2

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For Sale or Trade:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

PLEASE Read carefully before sending any pm.


##The LCD2 r2 is in perfect conditon.the earpads,headband and the wood are in pristine condition.They still smell new.i put maybe 100hrs on the lcd2.i bought it directly from Audeze last February.

The wooden case got a tiny white scratch and a small 0.5cm wooden chip at one of the corners.They came to me that way and i didnt care because they are negligible..

The cable got a very very small exposure on the right side that doesnt affect the sound ,quality or wont increase in size,it is very small.i babied the lcd2 and i put it inside the case everytime i finished using them,so not sure how it was exposed except i think it maybe due twisting.


### I am interested in trading my lcd2 with the HD800 and i'll add cash from my part.This is my primary objective.Any pm i get regarding any other headphone will politely be only interested in the Senns.


### If no one is interested in trading then i will sell them directly for $800 anywhere in the world using Fedex with insurance and tracking number.



i am located in Cairo,Egypt so paypal is not an option.all my sales and purchases on headfi went smoothly using Westernunion.(

Basically you go to your nearest westernunion location(which is available everywhere) ,send the cash after i provide you with my name and,zip code and city and the clerk will give you a number that you will give me to receive the money.

very easy process,takes 1 minute and i can receive the money in the same instant.

I Always ship the package in the same day i receive the will have your tracking number few hours after the payment.

i paid WOO audio,Jh audio,Audeze,Amb DIY,and other headfiers using westernunion and not a single problem.

all my previous sales on headfi went using westernunion and no one had any problems sending or receiving money.

i have a perfect feedback here on the old style headfi (

price is $800 including westernunion fees and shipping fees.the price is really really fair i think.


PLEASE dont hesitate to ask any question related to the sale and payment method.

Thank you for looking.

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PM sent.

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First and last price drop.

$800 shipped.more than $200 off than if you bought them new.

they are packed and ready to be shipped.need to sell  because im travelling soon.

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that's good price

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