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My < $1000 system

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Hi Chaps
Been a longtime lurker and have read enough posts to make my head spin.
My living arrangements have changed over the years and I need a dedicated personal hifi setup for an apartment.
Previously I had 2 x E.A.R 100 watt Mono Block valve Amps connected to Focal Speakers and Randal Research Cable
Anyway I've put this system together (the components are on their way) and would like your thoughts.
This is the setup:

Toshiba Portege Laptop
Furutech GT2-B USB Cable A-B Type 1.2M
AUNE T1 Upgraded Version 6922 Vacuum Tube 24bit/96kHz HiFi Amplifier USB DAC AMP
Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones
Toxic Cables Sennheiser HD650 HD600 HD580 8ft Cryo Pure OCC Stranded Silver cable

All up the price came in at under $1000(excluding the laptop), which I think is pretty good.
My listening tastes are varied so it had to be a one stop setup.
If it ends up that the Aune Amp/DAC unit hasn't got the puff I need, I will replace it with a Schiit Lyr / Bitfrost Combo.

I would appreciate your thoughts and will give feedback when everything turns up, is set up and is burned in.
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If your laptop has an input for a soundcard, get a good soundcard. I was so shappily surprised when I put an echo soundcard in my macbook pro, it gave mebetter sound than my 500 tube dac.

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I use iQube V1 to drive recabled HD650 (with RnB cable), and listen to laptop via Total Bithead as USB output. This combo sounds really sweet. I could imagine you will be happy with iQube V2 with USB DAC, and the price should be less than $1000 as well.

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Isn't it the high-end section? rolleyes.gif

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