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I've had my Shure SRH840s for over a year now and I'm looking to trade or upgrade or try something new. 


If anyone has listened to the SRH840s, maybe you can give me some comparisons and suggestions. I love the SRH840s but I haven't heard anything else to compare, they were my only pair. All I know is that I was pretty satisfied when I first got them.. I never had listened to music with high quality headphones so when I put them on, it was amazing. 


I like the bass of the SRH840, the details are okay. I wouldn't say muddy but it's not crystal clear. If I can describe the highs, the Triple Fi 10 IEMs had some amazing highs (bad mids though). 


Does anyone know of a headphone that is relatively cheap (sub $200 or maybe $250) that has good bass and really crystal clear mids and highs? I listen to a lot of electronic and trance and the bass is important but would love to feel like when the piano or vocals come in and it sounds like the person is singing right next to your face. I like warm sounds and I'm not a big fan of clinical sounding, boring sounds. I bought the DIY o2 headphone amp and i did not like how sounded to give you a reference. 


I'm looking for open since the SRH840 are closed. Wearing closed to listen to music or watch movies makes me feel claustrophobic. And I also need it to be LIGHT! The SRH840s are so freaking heavy. Honestly if there are good open, LIGHT headphones with 80% of the sound I'm looking for versus 100% of the sound but heavy, i'll choose the first. I can't wear my SRH840s for more than 30 minutes before my head feels like it's going to fall off. 



Cliffnotes: Crystal clear mids and high, really good bass. Warm sounds, less clinical and shrill sounds. Listen to lots of trance and vocal electronic, piano, etc. Need light and open headphones. Much lighter and comfortable than the SRH840s. Sub $250


Any suggestions?