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Soundstage and the WA3

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Hey guys, so my WA3 arrived just a few days ago and I have a few questions that I think you guys could answer for me. I've been burning the amp in for about 25 hours so far, and I have noticed differences in tone, warmness, and bass response. However, the one thing that has been absent the entire time is the soundstage. It is so tiny that even binaural recordings struggle to extend out of my DT880 headphones. 


There are a few variables that I would like to point out first. To begin with, I'm using a Fiio e17 Alpen as my DAC. I have also replaced the stock tubes with a pair of 6DJ8 Bugle Boys, and a TUNG-SOL 7236. I am throwing nothing but lossless files at the setup as well.


With that out of the way, I was wondering how long it usually takes for the soundstage to open up on a fresh tube amp (specifically the WA3) and if that was supposed to happen already, what could I do to the setup I have now to reach the WA3's full potential?


Thanks in advance guys, any advice will help me tons.

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Your DAC may be the reason, or your amp might need more burn in.

However, and I'm speaking from experience, the WA3 isn't known for its soundstage. My other amps easily beat it. It is a combination of it being slightly smaller than my other amps, but also since the amp doesn't have laser sharp imaging, the soundstage can feel congested and small.

It's a fine amp and will continue to mature as you run it in. Just be aware of its limitations.
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