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One thing about me is that I love wandering. Singapore is notorious for its extremely tough education standards, and I found myself stressed up a lot of times. So I just randomly select a train station to stop, take a glance at the local map and walk around. I enjoy witnessing changes of scenery. From the hustle bustle of Chinatown to a mind-refreshing walk at the Siloso Beach. When the noise of traffic becomes disruptive, I put on my IEM and sheesh...a whole different world! Everytime the setting changes, I just pressed next on my album list. I came home with a refreshed mind and new knowledge about places. My friends even call me 'human GPS'.

Right now I have just finished my four years study in Singapore, and I will be leaving this beautiful city, probably forever. My life and studies have to move on, and so does my hobbies. I will continue wandering around wherever I continue my study next, and also continue my audiophile journey. I sincerely hope that ASG-2 will be the Watson to my Sherlock Holmes in my next journey.

The two out of three things I cherished most during my times in Singapore (the other being my awesome friends):

(My ASG-1.2 with custom cable. The background is an architectural masterpiece, the Marina Bay Sands)

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I came to the realization quite a few years ago that I prefer IEM's to other headphones. At that time it meant if I wanted the best I would have to buy customs. I spent a year researching before finally buying only to find out that I can't use customs due to TMJ related problems with my left ear. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement but over the last year or so I've been excited by the emergence of true high-end universals, it means I may finally have a chance at finding "The One" for me.

Is the ASG-2 "The One"?

I can't say I deserve serial #0001 any more than anyone else on Head-Fi, in fact I probably deserve them less than many. I will say though, if I were to have the honor of receiving them I would do my best to use them to help spread the word about Aurisonics.  I would post a full review, then organize and send them on a Canadian demo tour. Down the road, if I were to decide that they weren't for me anymore, I would pass them on, at no cost, to another deserving Head-Fi member.


Word count: 199 tongue.gif


Here's how you'll usually find me listening.




Most of my listening is done at my computer at home or at work. The Audioquest Dragonfly is holding me over until the CEntrance Hi-Fi M8 arrives, with it's iDevice connection I'll have much more flexibility in where and when I'm able to have high quality listening sessions.

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After spending some time on Head-Fi I abandoned all my IEMs and ordered the holy grail of bass -  The V-MODA M-100.  Our marriage has been quite good, but I have always wondered, is this really all I need?  I first started doubting our marriage on my first plane trip, but today I realized, I need a girlfriend.  The pictured configuration was quite comfortable, but I had lots of people laughing at me and the music quality was, well, poor.  I could really use the Aurisonics as the mistress to complete my perfect union of bass in all avenues of my life.




Close-up (Click to show)




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Music, Art, and Life.










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Well here's my entry


I am a programmer and I make video games for a living.  My first gig in the industry was to help make the audio tools for 2K Sport's The Bigs (arcade MLB baseball game, in case anyone's wondering), and I was the only audio programmer for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II (PC RTS, won best audio at the Canadian Video Games Awards).  Unlike many of Aurisonic's customers I can't claim to have any musical talent (I've played accordion, drums and acoustic bass in school... that's how I know I have no talent bigsmile_face.gif) , but I do work with some kick ass audio people.  Here's a picture of me in one of their little audio rooms... that's how I would like to use my audio gear... 




but actually I sit out here and have to deal with all those friendly chatty people and their open headphones.  The air conditioning unit above me hums at a nice 50hz too!  If I didn't have my music and my headphones I wouldn't get any work done at all.  I would love to try the ASG-2s and get my bass on at work L3000.gif



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Why should I win this contest?

Well at first because I recently fell in love with customs! I had my first very very cheap single dynamic custom made and it is really awesome. Sound quality wise i'm looking for something better, much better, and the AS-2 seems just what I need. A really cool hybrid ciem which will give me the bass I want and the sweet and non harsh sound I want.

Second of all, aurisonics seems like a nice corporation and I like the way their ciems look! 


I really wish I could afford better ciems, I have made a lot of bad purchases lately, two headphones which I despise (ath m-50 and K550), one iem which sounds really sweet but universals and me is just a no go. Because of that i've listened to alot of heaphones and some iems. I think I have enough experience to make a nice review :) I will try my best! I'm going to be the happiest person in the world when I finally have something that will just work and sound absolutely lovely! Something that will just do it's thing at home, school, work and if I go for a walk.


Edit: Lol, Someone sent me a message that the IEM to win is the generic version of the AS-2, well yeah what should I say. Good luck to everyone else! And might I somehow still win it i'd get them reshelled or hope I don't have any issues with them. :)  If I still win them and I have fit issues and reshelling is no option then I will select one post here in this thread and send it to you!

Another Edit: I just found out that the problem I have with iems is called occlusion! I didn't know what it was but these iems have a feature to decrease occlusion. That means I defenitely want to win one!


This is where I listen to most of my music, at home at my desk or in my bed next to it.


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As a college student with an extremely tight budget, I'm usually in possession of just one set of headphones at a time; I sell things to fund new purchases, and since I don't own much with re-sale value, that usually entails parting ways with my beloved headphones so that I can try something new….forever in search of the perfect sound signature that will leave me contented. I hope the ASG-2 will finally be that sound signature, because I have lost too much money and time buying and returning for a loss.


While customs may be great for individual enjoyment, the ASG-2 will allow me to spread that enjoyment to my family and friends. I'm hoping that they will hear how their music should sound, and toss their apple earbuds in favor of their own pair from Aurisonics. Once they hear it, surely they will want to live it. 


Anyway, here is a silly self shot of me on a morning walk on the beach in Cabo San Lucas. My dad's girlfriend loves me and offered to pay for my plane ticket and room cost if I joined them on their vacation here. I never would have been able to come if she didn't cover the cost, so I am forever grateful. I woke up to a thunderstorm this morning in Cabo, so I walked down to the cafe for wi-fi access and decided to bang this post out. Thanks for reading, and I hope you choose me Dale! You've proven to be a really great guy, running a truly unique and wonderful company.






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So I'm sitting at the computer listening to Peter Gabriel's Secret World album really loud - but you wouldn't be able to tell if you walked in because I was wearing a pair of Universal IEM's and the sound didn't intrude on the peaceful quiet of my office. Or so I thought. My wife must have been standing there for a couple of minutes before she threw her flip-flop at my head to get my attention. "What?" I cried out in pain, pulling the smelly rubber object out of my lap. "I need you to mow the lawn." "Oh," I replied weakly, not really wanting to pause Shaking The Tree just then. "What are those things in your ears?" she asked, not really knowing of my obsession with portable audio. She must have expected to see the same white buds that she uses in my ears as well. I have been able for the most part to keep my love affair with sound on the low down for the most part with only the occasional "What's this charge?" on the VISA bill getting in the way of my obsession's complete covertness. Is covertness a word? Nevermind. I ask that I be honored to become the owner of Serial #0001 of the new ASG-2's in order to keep my wife in the dark as well as to increase the isolation quotient so when I listen to music, it will now take a high-heel thrown at me to break my concentration



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Well, my quest began as a college student on the look for a decent pair of phones - for the least amount of money. Like most beginners bass was the name of the game, yet later discovered phones like the Alessandro MS1 which opened me to what clarity is all about, but they lacked the umph. With time my ears stretched my wallet, searching for a fun yet high-fi sound signature. 
Then came the ASG1‘s, a custom IEM for the laymen that is both refined and immersive. While not perfect, they keep me up through the night and give me hope in what hi-fi can be. Many phones have come my way and the lucky ones around me experienced something they never knew possible. To receive a pair of my fist customs would be amazing, and with it continue to enlighten those who have yet to listen to their own music... hopefully as your #1 (or 2:).
I have been doing this for a while, but there are others that are more experienced as reviewers, musicians and veteran asg1 owners that I would give my vote to. But the reason a pair of ASG2's are absolutely necessary is that... there are only 2 days of Hannukah left!





Note: no armatures were harmed in the process.


Good luck to all.
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I play electric guitar in my church worship team. We do some pretty cool stuff, a lot of it improvised. It's not uncommon to play only two songs in a 45 minute set. I use my home studio (see photo) to work on music and to develop my guitar tones. We use in-ears on stage, and it's important that my in-ear monitors be reference quality. As much as possible, I'd like them to match my studio monitors.


That brings me to the ASG-2's. I just ordered a set of AS-2's and arguably, I could make due without the ASG-2. However, most or all of the team I play with have not heard a really great set of in-ears. I can't share my AS-2's with them, but I could share a set of ASG-2's. I know they will be blown away! Music is about hearing AND feeling, and they only get a "two dimensional" experience right now. I'd really like to "share the love", and expose them to new possibilities. It would also be great to have a solid backup set close by!







BTW, my sincere apologies to everyone with good visual sensibilities for the lime green walls!  ;)



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I have been using ASG-1 for quite a long time. It has bring me a lot of joy and excitement after a long stressful day of working. Due to the easy removal and insert of the iem, it has been a joy for my use during travel as i need to take off the iem on and off to talk to people. I always like the vocals and bass on the ASg-1 but i desire something more in the treble and soundstage portion. So i really looking forward to hear what ASG-2 will sound like as according to people it use a new and better dynamic driver and 2 ba for the high which surely improve the treble part that i find lacking.

And below are the pictures which i took when i went back home for holiday from my work site. The pictures are taken at Kalimantan, Indonesia. My ASG-1 has done awesome job providing good isolation and sound for my ride in speedboat, plane and car.

Hear it, Live it, Anytime,Anywhere!!


On my way to ride speedboat.



Reached the port and waiting for the car

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Good luck everyone! I hope I have some luck here smily_headphones1.gif if this ambient port does what it says that this is a wonderfull product!
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The Aurisonics "Get your BASS on" contest is officially closed. Thanks to everyone for participating. We appreciate everyone taking time to enter and to write some wonderful things about our products. We will get all the entries together and review internally. Once the winners are selected we will announce them on our facebook page.

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Damn I'm excited!
I wonder who the lucky ones will be smily_headphones1.gif
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i can't wait! 

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