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You're amping from the headphone output?
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Originally Posted by KT66 View Post

You're amping from the headphone output?
It's the only way, and there's nothing wrong with it. IMO, YMMV,...wink.gif
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I have used the Lumia 920 for a little more than a week and so far I'm in love. I use AIAIAI TMA-1s for listening and I have played around with the equalizer. I love listening to dnb with a bit of bass emphasize and the equalizer works perfectly, as in there is no distortion. The phone has a very clean sound. The non-gapless playback doesn't really bother me because the song starts almost immediately after the previous one. The only downside of the phone is the music player, it hasn't got a scrubber/slider control for the song progress, otherwise it's pretty awesome.

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Has very good sound quality but definitely can benefit from an amp. I'm going to try a C&C BH with it. 

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Originally Posted by tds101 View Post

It's the only way, and there's nothing wrong with it. IMO, YMMV,...wink.gif



I wondered if there was some way to amp from the mini usb but I guess not. 



There are a couple of flac/lossless players in the app store but I haven't tested them yet. I've turned all my flac into 320 mp3s for now and they just about fill the phone. 

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I currently have a Lumia 920 and just received my Shure SE535 a few days ago. Looking to get a cheap portable amp to begin with an update later. Looking for something small which can fit into my pocket.


Anybody here using the FiiO E6 or E11? Is it worth going for the E11?

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Is it just me guys? I definitely hear garbled sound in my Lumia 920 when a song fades out. It's hard to describe but on very quiet sounds there's this clicky effect as if the audio file was 8 bits instead of 16. It's not smooth. Compared to Nokia N9, 920 sounds very bad! I've tested in on lossless WMAs and high quality MP3s and the effect is still there.

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I've never had that happen,..
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Mine sounds fine to me, no audible roll-off, but I haven't listened extensively to it, in an analytical setting.

It's a shame that it doesn't have expandable memory, in my eyes it instantly eliminates it from being a good portable source.

I take HEAPS of photos/videos (I'm in the live music industry), so the space for music would constantly get smaller and smaller.

That, and no .FLAC playback (I assume..!)

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No, no FLAC playback. The 32gb cap is an issue to me also,...
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A bit of a crapshoot as the phone is released mostly in Europe so far and only in some countries, but it's hard to find actually analytic audio quality reviews on your typical smartphone forum.


Anybody here tested out Lumia 925 and how does it sound? 

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My Lumia 920 bricked out of the blue last week. I'm currently waiting for a warranty replacement, which I'll be selling with 2 wireless charging plates & 2 cases. I'm using my Motorola Atrix 4G ATM, and I'll have a (***FREE!!!***) SGS 3 by the weekend. I just need to repair a cracked screen & be done with it. Works perfectly otherwise.

If anyone is interested pm me,...
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The expandable memory issue alone should be enough to sway you from wanting it as a sole source - 

Even if it DID sound good, even a sansa clip+ will out-perform is in this regard. 

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I got a 920 which was an upgrade from my HTC One X with Beats (sigh) audio.  Sadly, the 920 just doesn't even approach the sound quality of the older HTC--which can play great audio out of even the most mediocre of their downloadable players.  The 920s Dolby filter and other sound enhancements feel sluggish and sometimes even muddle up the sound.  It does not work like the Dolby filter in professional equipment at all.  I even converted lossless files so they can play but now I can't sell my HTC because of the appalling sound quality coming out of the 920. 


You don't get the same volume (I turn it up and use the equalizers to filter what I don;t want -- the 920 doesn't do it at all no matter how hard you fool with the settings)

the equalizers sound mushy

enhancements don't do much


I tried everything in the Grado lineup from the iGi to the RS1 for long periods of time.  I even tried a custom Symphones Magnum -- the HTC One X sounds better.


Conclusion: Great phone, Great GPS, BAAAD Audio player!

And to think I'm a Nokia fanboy.


Are there any cheap or even old mp3 players out there that can better it? Please don't say Ipod this and that.  Thanks.

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Sansa Clip?

EDIT: If you want some information on beats audio, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cdbn_pmxFic

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