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E09K/E17 no way for digital input?

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I was hoping to have a sound card outputting a digital signal to my E17. I now see the FiiO E09K/E17 combo has no S/PDIF input.


is there any way to get a S/PDIF into the FiiO bundle, like an adapter or anything?


is there any way to get a USB signal out of my sound card? like have it outputting through my PC's USB ports?




The idea is to have the sound card processing a Dolby headphone (digital) signal and then output it to the the E17. Then have the E17 doing the digital to analogue conversion, and then the E09K can handle the analogue amplification.


thanks for reading,


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The E17 does have an S/PDIF input. However, depending on what sound card you have or intend to get, it may actually be unnecessary.

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Is that S/PDIF input available while it is docked with the E09K though?


How would it be unnecessary? what is the other option, I am prepared to base my sound card purchase around that.

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Originally Posted by Chris Haigh View Post


How would it be unnecessary?


If the sound card already has a good DAC (it does not even have to be very expensive to match the FiiO), you could just connect it directly to the E9, and skip the E17.

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Okay, so I realized I don't really understand S/PDIF.


You get this one, this is the one I was comfortable with, I've seen it on many of my things in the past and never really knew what it was until recently.





Then, you get this one.



Is the 1st one perhaps the standard output port, and the 2nd one the standard input port?





so I just looked at my current sound card and I see it has a SPDIF port (presumably output) and it looks similar to the 2nd one, but different, it looks exactly like the video RCA cable(yellow). The sound card also has the 1st one.


So now I've seen 3 types of SPDIF. If someone has the time could you please explain; Why there are 3 types? what are the differences?

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I have a Fiio E17 and E09k combo hooked up to my SPDIF digital out from my ASUS computer board just as you are attempting.  Let me attempt to explain.


By the way, this is my first post and I am not an expert, so bear with me.


SPDIF is a digital interface that outputs digital (0's and 1's) information.  In our case music in digital format.  SPDIF comes in 2 typical formats, they are Optical and Coaxial.  The Optical version sends the digital data via a fiber optic cable.  This is the connector you show on the back of your computer mother board (a small square door).  The other type of SPDIF output is coaxial.  It looks like a standard RCA video out (yellow), but it actually sends digital information.  It uses what appears to be a standard RCA video cable, but actually this cable is unique for sending digital information only and is a special cable.


Now, the E17 uses the optical digital input and takes a special adapter that should have come with your E17.  It has a metal tip on one end covered with a plastic cover to protect the fiber optic lens.  The other end of the adapter has a square opening in it that is the same on on your computer.  Attached are pictures of the adapter both lay on and plugged into my E17 + E09K.  You must purchase a SPDIF fiber optic cable (Newegg, Amazon, etc.) that has a square end on both sides.  DO NOT BEND THIS CABLE OR TOUCH THE TIPS ON EITHER END.  This is a fiber optic light tube.  It can be broken or smudged.  Keep it clean and keep covers on the tips whenever it is not plugged in. 


First dock the E17 + E09K combo with the power OFF.  Then connect one end of the fiber optic cable to your computer motherboard.  Next connect the other end to the square side of the adapter that came with the E17.  Now carefully remove the clear protective cap that is tethered to the adapter.  Insert the plug end (looks like a mini headphone jack) into the SPDIF input on the E17 (that you showed in your photo).


Now turn on the E09K just until the power comes on (volume all the way down)  My unit defaults to USB automatically.  Since you are now using SPDIF Optical you must press the "INPUT" button on the E17 twice to toggle to "OPT".  My E17 unit displays the message "LOCK" when it picks up the optical digital signal.  Now increase the volume with the "+" and "-" first (gross volume) and then fine tune with the dial.


One important note.  Your computer should automatically pick up the new input device (E09k) as using SPDIF and ask if you want to use it as your primary sound our output device.  You need to select yes.  If it doesn't automatically ask you to change, you need to go to the Control panel, hardware, sound, etc. and choose all sound to output to SPDIF.


Hope this helps.


NOTE:  Tried to attach photos but says I don't have authorization to do so.

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Wow, thanks pkgman


that's exactly what I needed to hear. I was assuming there was a solution similar to this.


I'll keep your post for reference for when I actually receive my FiiO bundle and sound card. I will add an optical SPDIF cable to my order.


I live in Africa and getting stuff imported out here is always a mission, so it's great to have the assurance that what I'm ordering will actually work.


I'll be adding a sound card and an optical cable to my order right away.


I can't wait to get my new setup running. If I have any issues when all my stuff arrives (next year feb) I'll try contact you for some assistance.


Thanks for the help dude,


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