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Hello to all Head-Fifiers!


Im now proud owner of OMX 980 ( bought it after i read few reviews from here about those earbuds.)

How i ended to buy these?

Well they were relatively cheap 99€, and was gonna buy cheaper 880 MX first but i tought that i would anyways end up to buy these 980:s someday..


First impression, classy looking earbuds.. Auditioned them in noisy car for the first time, big mistake.. Couldnt hear the bass at all :D

Second testing in my house, well there was bass, and sound of these gave me chills.. Incredible, 10000x better than ipod buds and better than my srh 440 with 840 pads..

OMX980 doesnt have noise-isolation tough.


And i was gonna buy mx980, but i dont know how they can stay on ears... so i ended to buy this omx 980 model.. And luckily these huge earbuds fitted on my ears :D


TF 10:s are in post office, gonna pick them up later today. Bought for 80€uros, relatively cheap i guess?


Sry for not having profile picture, i cant find that replace image button -_-....

And that product listing system doesnt work propely, cant add more than item in one "gear" folder..

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My gear atm:


iPhone 4S 64gb

Sennheiser PX100 (missing 3.5mm jack, replacing it to better one)

"Gaming-headset" SRH440 + 840 pads + velcro attachable mic ( i prefer sound of these over denon d2000 with 840 pads, sock mod works good also. and CHEAP )

Sennheiser OMX 980



I have owned:


HD650 ( Laid back, ears got never tired. I had Corda amp, cant remember which one it was.. Had crossfeed switch.)

D2000 (BASS?!? I had to lower bass in BFBC2 because the game intro has massive bass boom at start, sounded good for closed headphone)

K701 ( It has soundstage, i remember when i listened these i sounded like the sound came from speakers ?? :o Didint like the sound sig unamped, and didint want to spend money for appropriate amp so..)



And tell me your favorite music, i need moar good songs :).


And i listen any genre!


Sorry if i posted this in wrong section..




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