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I'm a newcomer to the music of Eels, even though it's been around for a long time:


I've recently started listening to the trilogy of Eels records released over a 14-month span in 2009 and 2010. These are the three records:



Hombre Lobo (2009)




End Times (2010)




Tomorrow Morning (2010)


I figured I'd post this just because there are bound to be some Head-Fi'ers who haven't heard these records. These three records form a trilogy. I guess one could say they are about desire, loss, and redemption. At times, they can be funny and light-hearted but also at times very dark and almost painfully confessional and revealing. They contain quite a wide range of music, considering that they are basically the works of one person. Some songs are electric rocking, some are acoustic, and some are more electronic.


I won't bore anyone with further details. For anyone who is musically adventurous and hasn't heard these records, I definitely recommend them. There is quite a musical adventure to be had here. The sound changes as the trilogy progresses. Give these records a spin.  beerchug.gif