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Best DAC/Amp Combo for He-500?

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Please leave suggestions thanks.

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What will the DAC/Amp & HE500 be connected to?

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Computer with USB :)

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< $1000

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The Schiit Lyr + Bifrost is supposed to be an amazing combo with HE-500 but if it has to bee one piece. I would look into the Glow Audio One. The 2013 model is just about to come out and can be had for a bit less than 800 if ordered before the 10th of nov. Otherwise it will go up not sure how much. Have not been able to find any reviews with it paired to the he-500 but you might be able to find something + its absolutely beautiful

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Originally Posted by OICWUTUDIDTHAR View Post

< $1000+

o,O I wish that i had this amount, my choice journey would be much easierpopcorn.gif and my choice then is Schiit Schiit Mjolnir amp+HRT music stream Pro+a ballance cable(i did not any research abt this sort of item now though)

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Probably some Audio GD gear. (they have a lot of models, sometimes its just confusing biggrin.gif)

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Ran the HE-500s off HA-160D, HPA V200, and La Figaro 339.


Clear winner is La Figaro 339 for me (Paired with HRT MSII+).  Tubes used are Tung-Sol 5998 and RCA 5693 (red input tubes).


If you get the MSII+ secondhand, and buy the tubes from vacuumtubes.com, total price should land you around the ~$1000 mark (Given you're located in the U.S.)  If you're in Europe, it's likely cheaper.

It's truly a match made in heaven, that is versatile enough to play every genre of music, and play it with flying colors too.

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