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Hi all, new poster here :-)


Ive been using Sennheiser HD555's for about 2 years now, they are powered by my HTC Sensation to listen to FLAC audio files usually, however i would like a bit more volume, and hopefully greater bass response.


These are the only good headphones ive really owned or listened to, so not sure if going to a portable amp is the right solution (im sure it will be for volume increasement) but do these amplifiers do much in terms of increasing bass response? .. When listening to them through my HiFi amp (Yamaha RX-V1400) i find the bass to be a lot sharper, but unsure if this is the phone playing limitation or what.


The FiiO E11 seems like it would be quite suitable for my needs, my main music style i listen to is drum'n'bass / electronic music.


Thoughts ? Do i buy a pocket amplifier? Is the E11 what i am looking for? or look at a better player? i would rather stick with using my phone as a player as i do also often listen to 128kbit streamed internet radio too.


i think a ~10% increase in volume would keep me happy. im certain the headphones are capable of doing this as i have witnessed this via my hifi amp.


I have also read about the removing of the foam to 'made them like a 595' .. what are the general thoughts about doing this ? i seem to get mixed responces from places i have read. One of my friends owns the 555's and has removed it, it makes the headphones sound a LOT more open (which ideally isnt that great for me as i use these on the train daily) but did not have a chance to properly experiement to notice the difference, and he lives in another part of the country sadly.


Thanks, and appreciate your responses!



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