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Originally Posted by J-Lieb View Post

sounds good. i wonder if anybody has a comparison between self tuned ones and the mad dogs

I'm sure, but they wouldn't be worth much.. Unless you plan to buy the pair they tuned rolleyes.gif

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Well if they documented their tune, then I could get some t50RPs and tune them to the person's specifications.

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Originally Posted by J-Lieb View Post

Well if they documented their tune, then I could get some t50RPs and tune them to the person's specifications.

there is a problem with that.. it doesn't really work that way.

All headphones differ, because all drivers differ a bit. And more importantly all ears and preferences differ. 

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True. Let me know if you ever get them to sound exactly how you want them.

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How about alessandro MS2i's, 300$ and have nice detail.

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Must be closed back and full size. No over-ear headphones either.

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Uhh.. Headphones cant be both Full Sized and NOT over ear. They must be either one.

Are you looking for Supra-Aural (On Ear) or Circum-Aurul(Over Ear)
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"Over ear" meaning on top of ear or Supra-Aural. As opposed to what I call around ear (Circum-Aurul). Sorry it was a little confusing.

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Originally Posted by J-Lieb View Post

"Over ear" meaning on top of ear or Supra-Aural. As opposed to what I call around ear (Circum-Aurul). Sorry it was a little confusing.


Circumaural means over-ear.


Supra-aural means on-ear.

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So you want an on ear headphone?
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I want a a circumaraul headphone

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ok I am going to bring this thread back to life cool.gif


Hello everyone this is my first post.  I am a complete head-fi noob and for some reason at the young age of 31 I decided I wanted to start hearing music the way it ought to be heard ;)  Also, I own a web design company that requires me to work late and at times extreme concentration...  I am looking for a pair of Circumaural headphones. (Still trying to learn all the new terminology).


I recently tried out a pair of Beats Pros.  i know i know... build strictly for fashion and a hunk of junk considered by anyone who knows anything about quality headphones.  However, that hunk of junk was still the best my virgin ears have experienced.  k701smile.gif


From reading through this forum I understand there are much better headphones for much cheaper.  I came to this thread because I would also like to stay within the $300 range (I can go a little over if there is a noticeable quality jump)


I listen to everything from easy listening (Jack Johnson, Timmy Curran, Dave Matthews Band, Bob Marley etc) to the ole Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin etc) to techno (for when I am deep in thought and coding) and a little rap from time to time just when I need to hear some good bass.


I liked the bass that the Beat Pros offered.  The depth is important to me.  As someone else eluded to earlier in this post I would like to be able to hear distinct levels within music (sorry i am not up on the correct terms to describe this well).  Like 3d for you ears 


I see here a lot are talking about the Foster RP T50RP Headphones with the MadDog upgrade, I am assuming this is it here


Since this post is about half a year old or so I just wanted to see if these are still highly recommended.  I will be going on a hiking trip in a couple months and I would LOVE to be able to take a great pair of headphones with me to experience in my hammock why hanging around the campfire.


Update:  I am also interested in a portable amp IF you guys think it is necessary.  I was looking at the 

FiiO E11...  (I like the strap going around it showing it combines with the phone as I would have it attached similarly to my note 2) Is that worth it?  or needed? is there a better option?


I am open to all opinions and advice.  I am very excited to start this process and finally get some great headphones!


Thanks in advance for all your help, time and advice!



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The surround sound you are referring to I believe is split into two things imaging referring to the way the sound circles your head so it seems like it’s coming from all sides and sound stage meaning the headphones ability to represent distance I.E. how far or close instruments are from you. I am new to headfi as well. From what I understand the hype surrounding the T50rp and its various mod types is only somewhat true. While they are not quite in the same league as thousand dollar headphones I.e. Stax, he 500 or LCD2/3’s. They are still very good for their low price.  While mixed reviews revolve around their stock Love it or hate it sound. After a bit of dampening a cup change and maybe drilling some holes in the sides they start to sound pretty amazing and people say they are better than headphones like the HD 600/650,q701’s or d2000’s/5000’s. This is totally amazing considering the HD600’s D2000’s etc. All cost in access of 300 dollars and the T50Rp + dampening materials costs maybe 90-160 dollars. I will probably buy a pair this summer and mod them based on this thread.   


                                                                       And this one


Huge respect to BMF for making these amazing guides for us modding noobs. If however modding is not your thing I would recommend against the T50rps try these.

Ath A900x: Balanced with good bass and sound stage.

D2000: Fun sounding with a big bass great extension and a recessed mid-range.

Q701s: huge soundstage and great detail (look like flying saucers strapped to your head).

Hfi 2400: Amazing imaging and good soundstage plus good bass I hear they are like a better HD 650

Brainwavz Hm5: Amazing sound for price often compared to hd 600

FA-011: Basically open woodied D2000.


Hope this helps happy listening.

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Yamaha PRO 500 if you can stretch your budget. Fun, musical, natural and very very detailed at the same time. Imaging, soundstage and layering are superb on this headphone.
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I am gonna toss up the Audio-Technica ATH-A900X because nobody suggested it.


Prefer it to the K550 by a large margin. Lot more detail in the treble, much fuller mids, and bassier.


And you want flat frequency response? This is A900X's measurements.


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