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help me out

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hi guys! looking at getting a pair of headphones under $225 or £170 cause I'm english. I listen to gotye and temper trap, I like my music loud but not tinnitus loud. Must be full size. Detachable cable would be lovely. Am getting fiio e6. Headphones being considered are logitech ue6000 and v-moda lp2
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I payed around $200 for my AKG 242 hd's and i am really happy with them, they play well loud, but they don't have a detachable cable. I got them over at http://www.thomann.de/. If you like the look of v-modas maybe try get some m100's they have a detachable cable, and i heard they are quite good.

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I've looked at the 242s and the isolation isn't so good, this will mostly be used for car journeys and home and I hate car noise and my family don't like to the tinny noise that leaks out of zx100 I know in earphones are great isolation etc but I prefer full size and the m100s are a bit out of my price range as far as I can see. btw the music is playing from an ipod nano 3g. By the way does anyone know if akg k618 are full size and what they sound like? Are they just bass bloated tat?

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Maybe a used pair of akg 550s


beyer custom one pros

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M audio Q40's. 

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How much does v-moda lp2 leak?

I don't really go for used headphones, not because I'm selfish it's just because I can be very careless and break stuff and second hand doesn't have as big warranty

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