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I want to exhange d2000 for something else...

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Let me explain my situation.  I first bought ad700's based on recommendations for a good entry level set. The bass was poor, but they were still great for any kind of entertainment.  I enjoyed those for a year, and wanted to upgrade to something better.  I saw many recommendations for the Denon d2000's, so I bought them at a great price for $200.  When I first got them, I wasn't as overwhelmingly impressed as I had been when I first heard the ad700's.  I felt they were better, but I didn't feel satisfied.  The bass was obviously better, but they were missing something. 


The two biggest problems (not even related to their sound) I have with these headphones is that they are heavy and I hate the dual entry cord.  Nowhere did I find people talking about the weight.  Well, these things have been hurting my neck for too long.  As for the cord, I honestly didn't even think about it before the purchase.  I didn't know it would be a hindrance, but after months of having a cord on my lap, I just want to get rid of them. 


At this point, I want to sell my d2000's and get something else.  Both the ad700's and d2000's were great in their own ways, but not perfect for me.  Note that I use these for every form of entertainment (games, movies, and music).  As for the physical attributes of the headphones, I need it to be at least as lightweight and have a single entry cord just like the ad700. Also, I think I prefer the velour to pleather, but that isn't a deal breaker. Budget: $150-$300 (preferably around $200 or even lower if it can satisfy what I want).  What can you recommend me?

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I was in exactly the same boat As you. Bought the ad700, loved them. Wanted something better, bought the d2000 and was dissapointed. I went back to the ad700. Fast forward to now and I have just bought the hifiman he400. I love them. They're great all rounders. They have the detail of the ad700s (and more) with the bass of the d2ks. 

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