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For Sale: KRK KNS8400

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is my KRK KNS8400.  I'm looking into some upgrades for my desktop amp & would like to offset the costs a little.. so I'm (regrettably) selling these wonderful phones.  Just to let you know how much I like them, I've purchased them twice (bought it the first time almost a year ago, sold it.. missed their sound.. and bought it again about four months ago).  I am the first & only owner.. I bought the from an (authorized) Amazon reseller.


As with all my gear, these headphones are in mint condition (not a scratch or scuff anywhere), have been carefully maintained, & come with all original accessories.


-Price includes shipping (worldwide).

-Payment to be made via PayPal as a gift (or add $3).

-No trades.

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Pic added.

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Slight price drop.

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Updated shipping info.

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