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Can anyone ID this monitor?

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These are at my school, and I have no idea what they are. They sound pretty good and fill the room up pretty well.

Make/model and pricing would be greatly appreciated.

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^^^Thats close but I think they are actually Mackie MR8mk2

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Wow, I didn't expect a rely this quickly. Thanks so much!

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I don't even know what kind of speakers they are. I just searched for "speakers with a running man logo" and Mackie showed up.

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Mackies are good reasonably priced speakers and they have those MR8s and MR5s demos at Guitar Centers to try out.

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Actually, I used your links as reference, and I figured that the ones at my university aren't the 8-inch models; they're actually 5-inch. The MR5MK2 to be exact. These are actually pretty reasonably priced at a local store, so I'm thinking about it...


Thanks again for your help guys!

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