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Hey guys, I have a Beyerdynamic DTX900 (third one actually, first two lost the left ear and got replaced) but it's knackered, with the foam coverings on both ears nearly gone. I'm looking for a replacement pair but might as well upgrade at the same time.


So I'm looking for some open headphones in the £100-150 range (could go a bit higher if there's a big difference in the £200 price point or something). Overall I'm happy with the sound of my DTX900s, hopefully that gives an indication of the kind of sound I like. I don't have an amp and am running them straight from my PC's on-board audio card. If I can get better sound with a cheaper pair of headphones and a budget headphone amp then I'd go for that, but I don't know much about amps or pre-amps (never had one).



Thanks for any advice!