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$400 (USD)
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For Sale or Trade:
For sale or Trade: iQube V1 (No DAC... Only difference is V2 & 3 has DAC..) *Includes Shipping, Paypal fees, LOD, ALL IN!*

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Letting go of my beloved iQube because of the arrival of the Fostex HP-P1... Although the iQube is still the better amp, for the sake of portability and cash flow, I'm going to have to let it go... Unless my Centrance DACPORT goes first, which may allow me to keep the iQube :)


A nice review:


How it stacks up against the competition (losing out to the balanced or bigger options by a tad~):



As can be seen, there are 2 scuffs on the replaceable battery cover's rubber coating. A result of my itchy fingers picking away at a slight bump i detected... Zzz... Otherwise the rest of the amp is in pristine condition.


Included for sale is the amp and 4 x eneloops contained (only in use for 3 months). You also have the option of getting either one of the LODs shown (solid core Mundorf gold) for FREE. The non-low profile piece is terminated in Viablue 3.5mm plug. These babies cost me $100+ originally EACH.


Price includes free shipping. Payment via Paypal only. I will be responsible for seller's fees charged. No hidden fees.

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