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How to connect ath m50 + fiio e5 portable amp to Ps3 ?

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So i ordered the ath m50 headphones and i want to use them with my ipod, phone and also my PS3 but i dont know how.


Ive been told that i need a portable amp for a better control on volume and better sound quality to take full advantage of my headphones, im on a budget so the fiio e5 is the way to go.


I also want to add an extension of 20 or 25 ft cause im quite far away from my telly.


So i thought maybe this was the right way to set it up???


* The playstation av to rca connection ( the one that comes with your ps3, the red white and yellow one)




* female rca to female 3.5mm adapter  or a female rca to male 3.5mm adapter connected to a 3.5mm female to female




*  a male to male 20 or 25 ft 3.5mm extension




*   the portable amp ( in my case the fiio e5 )




*   the ath m50 headphones ( Finally !!)




Is this setup correct? will i be able to get a great quality sound out of this ?

I play games like battlefield and call of duty so i want a very good sound like hearing my footsteps, breathing, and little details like that.



Also i was told that gold connectors were better if so , why?

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I'm not quite sure, I have a FiiO E11 amp, and it seems the FiiO amps tend to be a bit touchy with certain 3.5mm cables because I've had troubles using certain brands and ended up just buying an LOD for my iPod. I see where you are going with using the amp to control the volume though, it would be much easier than trying to control the volume with a remote of other device.


Gold is a good connector because it doesn't tarnish and deteriorate in the presence of oxygen and other common gases/substances, and is a good conductor of electricity. If I'm wrong, someone will correct me.


All The Best <3

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Thanks for the info , i really appreciate it smile.gif.


My main concern is the set up itself , like the way everything is connected; but thx for recommending the LOD for the ipod i didn't know that.


If someone can help me out with the above i will appreciate it very much since im completely new to this.

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Your chain looks like it should work. Not sure how it will sound, but you're talking about video games and the M50, so I don't expect it to be a benchmark of audiophilia. For what you're looking for in games, the M50 is probably going to be too bassy and it's sound stage is small and cramped, so imaging is not great. I would have recommended a laundry list of other headphones. Also, the Fiio E5 adds zero to the M50 other than volume adjustment and an EQ switch. Amping a headphone that is efficient and doesn't need amplification doesn't magically add anything to it.


Also, the reason gold is recommended is due to it's chemical properties. You'll notice all our "conducting" metals are in the same family. Copper, Silver and Gold. That means they have the same properties, relatively. I would not stress getting "gold" connectors. All you're actually buying is gold covered stuff. A solid gold (few ounces) adapter, or termination, would cost you more than you're willing to spend. Just get whatever is inexpensive. It's going to be fine.


On another note, keep your eye out for an old AV receiver, even an old stereo one from the 70's. You can input all your sources to it, and jack in your headphones to it. Great way to avoid all this cables, adapters, reverse inverse doohickies, etc, just to listen to some audio on a pair of headphones. Even then, it's probably easier to move everything closer to you and just run a long HDMI cable to the TV instead of a long string of adapters for a headphone.


Very best,

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Thank you ; i guess the fiio e5 is going to be just for volume control ; and you mentioned you got other recommendations for headphones i would like to know more options that will suit me for both music and gaming but keep in mind i dont have a lot of money, after all my sister needs a pair of headphones aswell but just for music not gaming, so ill give her the new m50s that ive got .


Thanks again.

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