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For Sale: Adam's SALES Bonanza - High, low and mid-Fi clearance to raise cash ASAP - Also Nikon lenses

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For Sale:
Adam's SALES Bonanza - High, low and mid-Fi clearance to raise cash ASAP - Also Nikon lenses

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Intro: So....I just bought the amp of my dreams. Or more accurately, I just bought two amps of my dreams. I first bought a Lake People V181, but then I stumbled across this baby and just couldn't resist. So now my wallet is on red alert and the air raid sirens are hurting my ears, so I have to sell some gear quickly to replenish the coffers.


Prices: The gear below is all priced to move. I generally consider the prices below to be fixed prices. That said, I'm not an infallible judge of market value, however, so if you think I've mispriced something, send me a bid, together with links to other transactions at that price, and I will consider any reasonable offer. If I don't respond, you should assume the offer was too low. I try to respond even to low bids, but I have a day job and can't just respond to PMs all day. So please don't be offended if I don't respond, and consider upping your offer or providing better evidence of true market price. The listed prices are net to me after any applicable fees.


Condition of Items: I haven’t taken pictures of everything, but I will try to add pictures as I go if stuff hasn't sold yet. I may not get to this until the weekend, however. You should assume everything is in perfect working order and just about everything is in mint or near-mint cosmetic condition. If something doesn’t have it’s condition described, don’t take that as an indication of anything other than my laziness. For almost all headphones and DACs, I have original boxes. If you really want pictures, or want specific confirmation of the condition of an item, send me a PM.


Shipping. Please note where shipping is included (or not included), below. If shipping is on me, I will generally use USPS Priority Mail. If you are paying for shipping, I use whichever carrier you prefer, although USPS is certainly easiest for me and is probably cheapest for you (most items can be shipped domestically for $11.35 or less).  International shipping will be extra. I have no problem shipping abroad and will work with you to minimize potential customs issues.  Through experience, I have worked out a very fair way of dealing with international shipping. You and I agree on a reasonable estimate of shipping cost (i.e., $[x]). You send me 25% more than the estimate (i.e., $[x + 25%], so that if the estimate is off by a bit, I can cover the extra amount. After shipping, I will send you a copy of the receipt showing the true shipping cost (which will also be marked on the box), then send you a refund of the difference between the shipping cost paid and actual shipping (i.e., $[x + 25%] - Actual shipping cost = refund to you). I've used this many times and it works well. I'm not looking to make money on shipping, but I also can't respond to 50 different inquiries asking how much it would cost to send an item to Canada, Australia, Sweden, Russia or Malaysia, for example.


Trades. I really need to raise cash, so I'm generally not interested in trades, save for the following possible exceptions only:


  • Maple Tree Design (M.A.D.) LR1 line router, DECWare RSB6 rotary source switch, or other high quality source/output switch using RCA connections
  • Tube dampers
  • Black Woo Audio adjustable height headphone stands
  • [Ultrasone HFi 2400 - Maybe]

Please don't tempt me with other trades. I love to trade, but I really need to SELL this time.


Other Items - PLEASE CHECK BACK FREQUENTLY, AS I WILL BE ADDING MORE ITEMS. I can only bump this post every few days, so please make the effort to find this post after it has slid down in the listings.


With all of that out of the way...



  • Sennheiser HD25-1 II – Mint condition with box, all accessories, etc. Less than 10 hours of use. $150, domestic shipping included.
  • Philips Cityscape Uptown - New, less than 1 hour of use. I was flat out amazed by the build quality and comfort. Even more stylish than they appear in pictures. Sound quality handily exceeds price point. Black/brown version. $65, domestic shipping included.
  • Dunu Trident IEMs with box, carrying case, accessories, etc. - $25, domestic shipping included.
  • Audez’e LCD-2 Rev. 1 with hard travel case, frequency response graph, wood care kit, etc. Also includes extra mini-XLR jacks for making your own cable. In mint/excellent condition. $650 + shipping with single-ended cable. Balanced (4-pin XLR) cable with balanced-to-single ended adapter available separately (see below). See also the 30ft (10m) LCD 2/3 cable listed below. Pictures available here. Sold!
  • Sennheiser HD700 with box, sleeve, etc. – Essentially brand new condition. Less than 5 hours of use. I can’t reconcile what I’ve read about the HD700s with what I hear. Mine have plenty of bass slam/impact, way more than my HD800s. Easily the most comfortable and best-fitting of any cans I’ve ever heard. Excellent construction quality and -- unusual for these days of neck-bending orthos -- these are light as a feather. $775 + shipping. This is your opportunity to get brand new HD700s as a substantial discount. Sold!
  • Westone 4 - All accessories included, but no box. See pics here. May be able to add extra unused tips from my W3s. $285, domestic shipping included. Sold!



  • SinglePower MPX3 - It causes me emotional pain to consider selling this. This is a beautiful amp with beautiful sound. Tubes included. Never had any problems with this whatsoever. A truly marvelous amp. Makes HD800s (and other cans) sing. $400, we split the cost of domestic shipping.
  • Upgraded PPA - In sturdy aluminum case, with retro power, bass boost and mute switches on the front. Locking Neutrik 1/4" jack. Torroidal power supply. See pictures here. $200, domestic shipping included.
  • Meier Corda Headamp-1. Includes high and low impedance headphone jacks and 4 levels of Jan Meier's highly acclaimed crossfeed. See pictures here. $115, domestic shipping included.



  • HiFiMAN HM-601 - Awesome DAP. I love this thing. Phenomenal portable sound in a one-box solution powerful enough to drive just about anything short of an HE-6. Alas, I’m a Spotify junkie, so I only use my ipod Touch or ipad. $110, domestic shipping included. Sold!
  • iPod Classic, 160GB, latest generation - Back and sides are scratched, front is in good condition. See pictures here. $145, domestic shipping included.


Nikon DSLR Camera Lenses

  • Nikon 55-300 VR DX lens - With box, accessories, etc. Used once. VR is excellent. I'll stick with my 55-200, since I need the money right now. $275, domestic shipping included.
  • Nikon 18-105 VR DX lens - With box, accessories, etc. I'll stick with my 18-55mm to free up cash. $250 OBO, domestic shipping included.


Cables and Accessories

  • Sennheiser HD800 Stock, single-ended cable. - $90, domestic shipping included.
  • 30 foot LCD-2 or LCD-3 single-ended ¼” cable. Professionally made using Sommer Cable (Sommer Cable is Germany’s leading manufacturer of cable for the professional A/V market). - $80, domestic shipping included. See pics here, here, here and here.
  • Stock single-ended LCD-2 cable. I think there are at least two versions of this cable, but I definitely prefer this version. The flat construction is much easier to work with and doesn't tangle. $45, domestic shipping included. See pics here and here.
  • Stock balanced (4-pin XLR) LCD-2 cable, including balanced-to-single ended (1/4") adapter - $69, domestic shipping included. See pics here, here and here.
  • Balanced (4-pin XLR) HiFiMAN cable (HE-4/HE-5/HE-6/HE-400/HE-500) with balanced to single-ended (1/4") adapter included. Cable is stock, and appears to be made of Canare or Mogami cable. To be clear, this is NOT a DIY cable, it is an original HiFiMAN cable. Balanced portion is 80" (6 feet, 8 inches) from earpiece to XLR, the adapter adds another 30" (2.5 feet) from XLR to tip of the 1/4" plug. So total of 110" or almost 10 feet long. $69, domestic shipping included.
  • Speaker tap to female 4-pin XLR adapter – For driving headphones using a speaker amp. In my experience, this is the best way to drive HE-6s, and I found I preferred my LCD-2s through a speaker amp as well. Compatible with any headphones that are terminated with a 4-pin XLR. $49, domestic shipping included.
  • M-Audio CO2 – Optical to coaxial (and coaxial to optical) converter with power supply. See here. This is a quality product with a dedicated power supply, not some cheapo eBay converter that regularly drops out. $35, domestic shipping included.


REMEMBER....please check back regularly to see what has been added! Thanks for looking!atsmile.gif

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