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I Think I Just Messed Up....

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I have the Audioengine A2 speakers and just bought the PSW10 Subwoofer. I thought I had it planned out how to connect the two but for some reason I aint getting it. Can anyone help a poor soul out? 

btw, This thing is MASSIVE! and is sourced from the ODAC that has RCA and 3.5mm output

P.S. what are the speaker inputs for?


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You need extra cables and you need to buy some adapters to split the sound coming from the left channel out of your computer and from the right channel out of your computer into two sets of RCAs for each channel. Then you run one left/right set to your speakers and the other left/right set to your sub. 

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the speaker in's are...speaker in's.  If you have a receiver and it doesn't have a SW pre-out you wire the speaker outs to the SW speaker in then connect the SW speaker out to your speakers.


It's hard to help since you didn't say how you tried to connect them but the post above should help.

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actually I got it to work.
My ODAC has two outputs and I put one to the speakers and the other to the subwoofer.


just need to do the phase garbage and ill be good to go.


Thanks fellas.

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Sorry for bumping this but I just wanted confirmation that this is a correct solution. 


and also wanted to ask another question.


I have a PS3 using OPTICAL OUTPUT to an AUDIOENGINE D1. Anyway i could connect this to both my speakers and subwoofer?


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