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Micro-A to Mini-B USB Cable

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So if anyone owns an S3 or Note 2, you know that your phone (With Jellybean) supports USB out that bypasses the internal DAC. In order to use it with a DAC you need it to be in host mode (i.e. plugging in to the phone Micro-A USB). This is commonly done with an OTG cable. The problem is the other side of every OTG cable I have ever seen is a Female Standard USB. This does allow you to use a standard USB to Mini USB cable to than connect to a FiiO E7.


The problem with this setup is you have a 6" OTG cable and another 6" - 12" standard USB (If you can find one that small). What I would like is a one cable the length of your standard LOD cable with one end a Male Micro-A USB and the other a Male Mini-B USB.


I found this, but its still 18" long...



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I'm very interested too! I've talked to Frank at Toxic Cable and he would do it for me, but unfortunately the price is way above what I'm willing to spend.

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That's actually Micro-B, not A.

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