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Like my IEMs but ready for full size cans.

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Hi Folks,


I'm currently listening to my music (all over the spectrum but lots of female vocal stuff, rock/country and some electronic and soundtrack) via a Galaxy Tab with Voodoo sound and a set of Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 pros.  I think it's a nice sounding combo but I don't like having to struggle to get the IEMs to fit and them have to constantly reset them due to obligations at home (kids, wife, etc) needing my attention so this is why I want a set of on ear phones.


I've auditioned the AKG Q701s, Senn 598s, Beyer 990 and PSB M4U2 as well as Grado SR 80 and 125i.   I was using a smaller portable player at the time (MOTOACTV) and tried them in store with an without amp.  I would prefer NOT to add the cost of an amplifer at this time, and I think that leaves the AKGs out of the equation though I liked the sound, comfort was ok and the style is pretty cool. The 598s I found agreeable without the amp, better with it, and also like how the sound and look, though I am somewhat put off by the 1/4' jack....using these with my tablet would be awkward with and adapter.  I was getting a little tired by the time I tried the Beyers (in what flavour I am not sure, mayber 250ohm?) but they were the most comfortable, though depending on the impedance I am assuming they would need an amplifer unless I got the 32ohm version, which from what I read do not sound as good as the 250 and 600ohm versions.


Finally, the PSBs. To me, they sounded great, as good as the others to my untrained ear, and have been well reviewed (almost universally, which seems almost too good to be true).  I like the fact that they have a build in amp, and NC circuit, the comfort is good and the look great. 


The Grados, for some reason didn't impress as much as the others, though I would like to own a pair at some point.


So looking at my 4 contenders I am paying from $360-$400 range so money isn't really a consideration.  I think the AKGs are out unless I get an amp (would FIIO F11 work?), and the 598s require an adapter, Beyers are an option if I can figure out which impedance to get.  I have a thing for the PSBs but are they REALLY as good as the reviews claim?


Some input from the members here would be appreciated.



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Still on the fence.

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