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Hey guys, I am new to head fi, and this i my first thread. I own an Ultrasone Pro 900, Audio Technica M150, and Klipsh Image S4. Right now I have saved quite a bit of money and know that I'm willing to take a giant step into higher end products all the way to $2000. I'm looking for a portable pair of IEMs that have PUNCHY bass. The main type of music I listen to is electronic and dubstep such as Kaon Sound Funkblaster. I'm not looking for a big, boomy, and cloudy bass, but more of a tight and articulate bass that most importantly, delivers a quick punch to my music. The two pairs of IEMS I'm currently looking at are the JH16s and EM6s. Please let me know which are better, and I'm definitely open to more ideas on what to get. Thanks in advance!

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I also forgot to mention this. I don't mind if the bass overshadows the midrange a tad bit but not a lot. As long as the treble is not too shrill either, I'm okay.

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The JH16Pro + JH3A are better pick because external crossover have advantage over three way passive crossover and JH3a offers bass control. BTW before you purchase CIEMs and I will recommend to try Denon AH-C300, it offer heavy tight punchy bass and overall very crisp clear with wide soundstage(club like experience).
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UE TF10 would be perfect for you

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