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Advice on buying a vinyl player

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I'm looking to buy a vinyl player in seperate pieces (amp, turntable and speakers). This is my 1st venture into vinly, so I don't know exactly what to look out for. Can you tell me what are good brands of these separate pieces and what I should be looking out for? I'm not looking to spend massive amounts of money on really high quality stuff but I don't want something crap either. If you could recommend any websites to buy these online (I'm living in the UK btw) it would be very helpful. This is all new to me and there's so much info online it's driving me crazy.



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I was looking at the Project Debut Carbon and auditioned it against a Rega RP-1.  To me the Debut had a cleaner sound with better treble extension while the Rega had better bass extension.




You will of course need a pre-amp to run the signal from the record player to an amp.  Some amps already have a pre-amp built in so keep an out out for one of those, but if you have a home receiver you just need a pre-amp.


As for speakers I know Wharfedale makes some good stuff in your area.  I have a pair of their Diamond 10.2 speakers in my living room and I really like them.




Please give us a budget so we can better recommend items for you.

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I checked those out. They look good but a bit pricey. I was hoping to spend about £500-£700. Would it be possible to get a turn table and amp all in the one unit? I know this contradicts what I said before. Or can you recommend a decent amp with the items above (the Project Debut Carbon seems more my thing of the stuff listed above and I know Wharfedale are good).


I know from experience that you get what you pay for with audio equipment but there's less and less improvement as you go up through the price levels. I'd like something that sounds good but is within my budget.

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