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Panasonic RP-HJE295 vs RP-HJE355

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Panasonic HJE-355 on left, 295 on right ($15 and $8 on Amazon, respectively)

I don't have any detailed review for anyone, so sorry if anybody was expecting something brilliant. I know the 355's get some attention in the budget category here, especially since receiving a good review from Cnet (along with the extreme budget 120). But I've been interested in giving the 295 a try, since there is nothing at all to be found online on them outside of the Panasonic site and one Amazon review. These were purchased for $8 on Amazon, and I'd say blow the 120 out of the water. They have the relatively balanced sound signature of the 355 but with a more noticeable bass punch. I'd say these deserve higher praise (or just some kind of attention seeing as they have none at all) as they're almost a more "fun" version of the 355 and can be had for scarcely more cash than the well-known and liked 120. The only oddity I've found is the short cord length. This Ergofit model is evidently being pushed as an exercise friendly model, which comes with a second extension cord. This is more strange than convenient I think. Not really sure why the 295 has this and the 355 does not. I'm merely assuming Panasonic wanted to package these as a gym-friendly model even if the packaging says nothing at all about it being so. One last thing, they seem to have a slightly better fit than the 355. I have a hard time getting a good seal with the 355 because the largest tip size isn't quite large enough for me. This doesn't seem to be as much of a problem with the 295. In any event, for $8, these should be right up there with the rest of the budget miracles popular here.

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One other thing I wanted to mention was that I prefer the 295 to the Philips 3590. I like the Philips quite a bit, but happen to prefer the more balanced sound of the 355. The 295 provides some of the bass extension you get with the SHE3580/90 while retaining the balance and "warm" mids of the 355. The V-shaped signature of the Philips definitely gives it a lively, punchy, fun sound, but it lacks the balance I tend to prefer.
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Nice impressions! The HJE-290 has the long cord while the 295 has the short cord and extension. I actually might buy a 295 since I could use a 2' extension.


Do you notice any difference from the front of the 295 and 355. Any screen/mesh foam difference you can see? Maybe if I want more balance like the 355 some modding can be done. Either way the 295 is the only option since the main reasons I'd grab them are both in favor of the 295; the extension and the cool aqua color.

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The color of mine is actually silver. The aqua color I believe is not as cheap on Amazon. For some reason, the Black one goes for over $20 on Amazon. So silver was by far the cheapest option. From what I can tell, they both have the same foam in the nozzle, if indeed it is foam. I'd be interested to hear how you mod these or the 355. I also wasn't even aware the 290 was the same thing without the cord extension. The awkward thing about the cord extension on the 295 is that both the cord and the extension cord have L shaped plugs. Meaning, the L shape has to be plugged in to the extension cord. In all honesty, it's no big deal, just a minor thing I noticed initially. Not a knock against them.
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These are back up to $24 on Amazon.


If visuals are any indication these seem to be VERY similar to the Audio Technica CKM series.


The CKM50 was jumping up and down several months back when they were being hyped by DsNuts.


I'll keep my eye out for both the 295 and 355 and grab a few pairs when the price goes down.


I have a feeling these are actually Audio Technica CKM series iems lurking under slightly different cosmetics.

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Check out the hje 125 by panasonic either..😑😑
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