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Can anyone confirm if you can use the Fiio e02i in conjunction with Apple’s lightning cable and the Fiio L11 dock to line out converter?


My primary use for the e02i would be as a remote/extension cable so that I could keep my iPad in my bag and yet still control it. Previously, I have used the Fiio e1, although I like the functionality of it, the build quality is not very good and I find that they don’t last very long.


I contacted Fiio about this and they said “You can only connnect E02i to the headphone out socket of iPhone, so there are nothing about the lightning dock. Notes, it is designed to use the headphone out.”


The e1 works perfectly with the lightning cable, but obviously that was designed to be used with the dock connector. Otherwise I will have to get an e6, but that only has volume controls.  Any other suggestions to replace the e1 would be welcome.



By the way, Fiio are intending to launch a black version of the e02i this month.