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Bifrost as a DAC for active monitor speakers?

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I'm trying to setup a stereo system with the equipment that i currently have (Bifrost+Asgard). I just purchased a Genelec 6010A and haven't received it yet. I was planning on optical out from Mac Mini---> Bifrost----> Genelec 6010A. However, I found out a problem, if I do so I will not be able to control the volume as Bifrost is a dedicated DAC. I was thinking about disabling all effect sounds from my Mac and controlling audio volume through iTunes/Fidelia. But, I did some research and people say if you were to do so it would downgrade the quality of audio significantly


Or should I just drop the idea of connecting it to Bifrost and just plug it in my Mac Mini, regardless of the audio quality.


Any simple ways that I can fix this? Or any other recommendations? I'm all ears:)


BTW, if I purchase 5040A subwoofer, and use it's volume control function, will it solve all of this?

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I see 2 options:


1. Connect through Bi-frost and still control the volume of SPDIF signal through the OS. I think its possible to control the volume level even for digital out.

2. Since the genelecs are active monitors, they maybe having their own volume control, right? You can use the monitor volume level in that case.

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Thanks for the reply. I've tried disabling other sound effects from my mac and just enabling sounds from my media player. It works, but still don't know if this effects the sound quality.

And unfortunately, Genelec 6010A does not have a volume knob.
Looks like the best solution is get the 5040 subwoofer...

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I will let some other expert comment on the subwoofer part (i have no idea :( ).


On another note, which headphones are you using with the bifrost/asgard combo? Are you getting RCA splitters to make connections to the Asgard and the Genelecs at the same time?

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I'm currently using Denon D7000s for now.
Yes, I was planning on doing that, I'm pretty sure that would work out with no problems:D

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