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On November 7, Denon announced the upcoming release of the their newest IEMs: the Urban Raver AH-C100 and the Music Maniac AH-C250. Both earphones will be available in Japan starting early December.

First up is Denon's newest dynamic driver canalphone, the AH-C100. The C100 uses a 11.5mm transducer and spec-wise as well as aesthetically is very reminiscent of the remote-equipped AH-C560R. The newest in the Urban Raver line comes in two colors, red (AH-C100-R) and blue (AH-C100-L), and will be on sale in Japan for approximately ¥10,000, or roughly $125 USD.

Pictured is the AH-C100-L in blue; also available in red (AH-C100-R)

Also announced is a new single balanced-armature model, the AH-C250. Boasting the same zinc die-cast housing as the dual-BA AH-C400, the newest remote-wielding Music Maniac can be yours in Japan for about ¥25,000 (~$313 US).

EDIT: Apparently, the AH-C250 is already available here in the US, selling for $250. The soon-to-be-released AH-C100 is expected to retail for $100.

Music Maniac AH-250 Single Armature IEM

デノン、「アーバンレイバー」のカナル型イヤフォン -AV Watch

デノン、シングルBAのカナル型イヤフォン「AH-C250」 -AV Watch

ヘッドホン ライフスタイルシリーズがさらに充実。AH-C250 / AH-C100 - DENON JP
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