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Dumb receiver as headphone amp question--

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Did some searching here but my crazy idea was not found.


Have a Pioneer Elite VSX49TX receiver rated 130 watts and cost $4200 back in 2002. Headphone jack works fine with my super old Pioneer headphones from the 70s!! Thinking of purchasing the Audeze LCD-2 headphone. As I read, they like lots of power - 2 watts or more. Not sure if the headphone output will be powerful enough to work but will definitely try that first. I have searched but can not find any specifications on the headphone output of this receiver. So if the headphone jack does not output a strong enough signal------ Would it be a stupid idea to use the actual internal amps as outputs for the headphones? Seems to me that it would not be hard to wire up a stereo cable with jack that the headphone could connect to hooked to the speaker outputs. Now I totally understand that 130 watts is insane to feed to a headphone. It seems to me that with proper volume control that this would work. The amps in the receiver are very high quality as this was a true "flagship" receiver and the sound quality to my speakers has been incredible. The volume control has very fine adjustment so thinking this is a viable option. Am I crazy? Anyone done this?


All my music is vinyl, cds, sacds. No files. Old school. Going to replace this receiver with a new unit so will be available for headphone usage. As this Elite has all very high quality components it seems that it could compete with the $1000 type headphone amps.


All right, tell me how stupid this idea is.



Thanks, Pete

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For a dedicated headphone amp I am thinking of using the Burson Soloist if the receiver idea is totally crazy.



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I think your idea is excellent, as long as you are careful not to damage anything there is no harm. I have heard of lots of people who have done this.

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There is a very simple divider circuit that you can build that will match headphones to speaker outputs.  You can find the circuit here:



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