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dBpoweramp Rip Vibration questions and Drive recommendations

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I've just started using the dBpoweramp, having switched from media monkey secure ripping of all of my files. I had previously tried EAC but one rip took like 5 hours and all were inaccurate. So I ripped some cd's last night and got a little better results. One album had only like 5 songs out of 19 that were inaccurate and insecure.


But then I put in a cd that was brand new and not recognized by the database, and the strangest thing happened. For the last 3 tracks, they were said to be insecure. Yes insecure.Very odd to me. 


But it gets weirder, I put in a cd that was fairly scratched but nothing horrible, and let it rip over night, leaving my computer and going to bed. When I came to check it this morning, it had ripped securely with no flaws?!!


So here is my question, Is Sitting next to my computer, or even walking around near my desktop, causing my inaccurate insecure rips? Or do I just have a funky drive? I get about 1-6 insecure inaccurate rips per cd. Avg around 3 per. 


My PC is a custom build and my drive is an Optiarc ad-7203a that I pulled from my old gate way because I had it sitting around. 


If it is the vibration, does anyone have any recommendations for fixing it? (I have wood floors)


If it is the drive, does anyone one have any drives at a good price that are main stream that they can recommend? (I'm leaning towards the drive as the problem)

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If possible, take a couple of CDs with reported ripping errors and rip them on another PC.

If they rip without errors it is likely to be the optical drive.


For optical drives: http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthread.php?25782-CD-DVD-Drive-Accuracy-List-2012

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Wow, I feel like an idiot. I should have done this ages ago. I greatly appreciate the help. The cd's ripped without errors on my laptop. 

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I to have just finished building a dedicated media center ( music & music dvd ) and I am using dbpoweramp to rip to flac files. I have ripped 266 CDs so far and have had only 6 CDs that refused to rip and a couple of CDs with odd tracks that would not rip. I got in touch with dbpoweramp (forum), and was advised by "spoon" that trying another drive when ripping CDs that wont rip may well solve the problem, so that is what I intend to do, using an external drive caddy with an internal drive unit. On the dbpoweramp site there is a list of drive units that give the most accurate read information. When I rip a CD I always clean the CD using an ultrasonic cleaner/ filtered water then wipe with isopropanol alcohol. If you are worried about feedback through the floorboards etc, just mount your units on a suitable shelf rigidly bolted to a wall, this should work fine, its what I have done. Also something to investigate is the quality of your mains supply, it can make a huge difference to the performance of your equipement, my mains supply is not 100%, so I use spike/ conditioners to clean up the mains, and I am in the process of putting in a dedicated mains spur and earth grounding. I hope that some of my suggestions help.           My media center consists of the following components- Streacom chasis, ASUS E45M1-I AMD  Radeon HD 6320 graphics motherboard, 4Gb of ram, Sony AD-7640S slot load DVD drive,Pico PSU-160 XT, Samsung 128Gb SSD, infrared remote/controller,Icybox JBOD unit + 2- 1TB Western Digital HDDs., connected together using Wireworld USB connectors.

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