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Best IEM for rock (under 250 €)?

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Hi, this is my first post but I started reading this (wonderful beyersmile.png ) forum months ago...

I'm going to buy a new pair of IEMs but I can't decide which one is the best in the 250€ price range...

My library is 90% composed of rock, hard rock and metal music.

I'm searching for something that sounds fun, with a good quantity of bass and an airy soundstage... Also, build quality is quite important for me, and since I intend to use them for portable use I prefer not to amp.

If it can help, I already have Etys HF5 (lot of details, but boring, and require too deep insertion), Creative aurvana air (not IEMs but I really like their sound) and Brainwavz M4 (a little muddy).

As now I've picked up two alternatives: Shure se425 (for their mids) and Atomic Floyd Superdarts (for their deep V-shaped sound signature which is said to be fun).

Do you think they are good choices? There is something better out there (at the same price, of course)?

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If you want deep reverbing bass, clear mids, highs and fairly wide soundstage with natural wood soundsignature ( so good for natural instruments and rock genres music like Gradp headphones) then JVC FX700 are highly recommended. Other IEMs like GR01, GR07, Sony EX1000, Denon C300( heavy bass but crisp clear soundquality), C400, Sennheiser IE80 and UE900 are great buy too.

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Check out ljoker's and ClieOS's threads.


Top performers I have heard below or just above 250 EURO and might be to your liking:


GR07 (neutral, good for live albums)

IE8 (bassy, warm and big soundstage)

EQ-5 (all-round excellence, warm, sweet and musical)

RE262 (great mids, wamr)

SM3 (excellent imaging and 3d soundstage, warm)


Cheapos you might want to try that I have heard:


Hisoundaudio Crystal



Brainwavz M1


If you don't care about portability (sucky fit, crappy isolation and just looking silly wearing it) then Radius DDM is great!


I didn't like M4 either. It's a good example of a V-shaped IEM and knowing that you can skip all those.

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Thanks for the answers, I'd pick the SM3 but I can't find it anywhere at decent price...
Has anyone heard the ones I mentioned before?

P.s. I read those threads many many times, but only one mentioned the superdarts while none of them talks about se425
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Ah, one more thing: what about Monster TP Copper?

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I love my Sennheiser IE80 when it comes to Rock!

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I'd like them too but they're well over 250€
Ok, found them for 250€
Are they better them turbine pro copper for vocals?

Have anyone tried superdarts for rock?
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Shure SE425 is my pick, with a SPC cable even better. They work well with every genre.
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I just took Sony mh1c (which seem to offer pretty good sound for a ridicolous price) to decide if I like warm+sweet more than balanced... 

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IE80 absolutely

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Vsonic GR07, as Metal music sounds very good with them.   Out of all the IEM I have owned(GR07.IE8,MTPG,TF10) I will recommend the GR07 for metal and Rock. 

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I'm a bit scared of IE80: I like bass, but I'm no basshead...

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