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I have just narrrowly missed out on an auction for some grado gs1000 phones :-( as I want ot treat myself to a new pair. I have a pair of 225is but I think the cable has snapped inside as they are intermittent and have to twist the cord to get a connection in the left pad. I do love the sound of these but haven't ever tried anything else and wonder if I am missing out.

I tend to listen to a lot of prog rock including Genesis,Yes,Porcupine Tree, IQ, Flwoer Kings, Riverside, Marillion also Beatles,Floyd, Jarre, Led Zeppelin and Stones to name a few.

So which headphones should I try next , there are some RS1s on ebay at the moment but have heard Beyer and AKG may be worth a purchase.

I will be running through my Arcam system aVR300 and FMJDV139 I haven't ever bought a headphone amp before but want to experience the great remastered recordings like the beatles Box set, New Floyd Set and the Brilliant porcupine Tree , any suggestions, I am willing to go to £400 for the right ultimate set up or buy two sets of phones for that price maybe one with a better soundstage than the Grados.