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Audio Engine A5+DAC/AMP or Passive Speakers & Amp (compact Size)??Advice/Suggestions appreciated!

Hello Everyone,redface.gif

It as been quite some time since I was able to last visit the site,let alone post.Illness is getting the better of me these days but I still dream of quality PC Audio!& Really would value any help/advice relating to the following:-

Some time back now I used my current Dell studio (2008) laptop,I partnered it with a pair of of Audio-Engine A5s (bamboo) through Firestone Fubar Dac & PS,custom made cables e.t.c.??? cost a fortune and end product was dissapoininting to say the least, just not worth the time effort and silly cost,learnt a very hard & costly lesson.(Ihope)

Now I am about to invest in a Intel 5 processor Ultrabook or similar? which will be my music server
most of my files are 24/96.Now the problem with the Old A5s was lack of bass! and by then I did not fancy investing in a Sub?

I see there is a mark 2 version of the A5s called + with remote?but I am wondering is there a better way maybe somehow finding a compact amp/dac able to feed a pair of the well reviewed and not to expensive Q Acoustics 2000 Series 2020 Bookshelf Speakers??Stand Mounted OR Book-Shelf?

I have read some quite amazing comments/feedback on the Audioquest Dragon Fly & Halidedesign Dac..possibly one of these could be the DAC of choice to go in to my set up? (budget is flexible) but not silly! "Hold~The~Front~Page!"
add to the two above DAC`s the ASUS-Xonar Essence One have just read a great many superb reviews of this ASUS item
ironic as I am looking at one of the ASUS laptops /Transformer types maybe??biggrin.gif

I did not really wish to go down the full blown Hi-Fi Route for a few reasons but if there is a compact Passive set up that would set my toes a tapping(Electric Blues) then I would be a happy man; must be quite compact if at all possible again good reasons for this.

so there you have it my friends I hope some of you will reply:)

I thank you all very much in advance

regards Steve

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