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Cheers Wizard
Cheers devhen

Still raking the net for amps/price ratios hehehe.

12hours in, and my big ears are being stupid. I bloody hate big ears. and my big head. Farrkk!
I've gotten used to the levels, i just eq some boost in bass if i have to until I settle on an amp.



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  lechonbaby, you seem to miss a point there. 

If the volume is lower on them, it DOES NOT mean that theyhave less power and can't produce higher volume than those grado's without distortion. 

It means that they are simply harder to drive and require a better source (amp) to produce same volume as they need more power.

If you are satisfied with volume up to 100% then there is nothing to worry about. If NOT, then simply buy an amp. Then again, what is your source (iPod/smartphone/PC)?

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cheers Smog,
I've just been spoilt with the SR80i's not needing amping for so long, never had a need to
get into higher gear.

I'm finding the K272HD to focus more on the mids and highs, and whether it's from a toned down bass end
or the fact that I'm still running it unamped, I've had to eq some lower ends in there, as I do like to hear
my bass strings during playback.

Next reads - What are CMoys? hahaha ... research time. Cheers everyone.


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