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For Sale: Sony MDR-V6

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For Sale:
Sony MDR-V6

Will Ship To: 'Murrica

Hey guys,

I'm selling a pair of V6s. They've got the pads from the Panasonic RP-HTF600-S, which are still pleather, but bigger, softer, and more isolate-y, making them more comfortable. They've been used for ~300 hours now, nicely broken in. Everything is still in tip-top shape, save the cable, which is a little mangled in one spot. Basically it's just a little stretched and some insulation is worn off, but no copper showing or anything. Everything still works fine. No box or any other accessories unless you want to wait until after Thanksgiving. Shipping without the box is $5. Shipping with the box is $10. CONUSA only please :)

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Are there any accessories that you're selling with it (ex. adapters, storage bag, etc.)?

Also, is the cable damaged in the third photo?


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Still available?

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Still available? And will you post to Australia?

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