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RX700 vs HTF600

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Hello, I'm looking for a new headphone and I'm about to purchase one of these headphones, as I have read great reviews about them. I need a final word of which one is better.


JVC RX700 or Panasonic HTF600? Why?


I'm not going to use an amp, they are going to be for pc use, I mostly listen to electronic type of music and I would prefer not to have to change EQ settings.


Thanks in advance.

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bump please

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Haven't heard both. But the Panasonic seems better going by reviews.

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I have almost decided to buy the HTF600.. any reasons I should buy the RX700 instead? 

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i never heard the panasonics (tho i do plan on getting them eventually) but i have owned the jvc's and i can tell you right now, they may be, easily the most overrated headphones i ever heard



they're muddy, mids are recessed, the bass wasn't even all that serious like some reviews had led me to believe, dont remember too much about the highs but they probably also sucked as well lol



they are on the other hand, crazy cheap and a modders dream (which i did not do) so if you plan on modding them, then maybe....MAYBEEEEEEE you should consider them, the panasonics from what i've read here and other places seem to be fantastic little phones for the price (both are 30 i believe on amazon)

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I'm guessing you've already made your purchase, but if you're still on the fence:


The major difference is that the JVC HA-RX700 are closed while the Panasonic RP-HTF600-S are semi-open.  So that could be a deciding factor, depending on if you're looking for isolation or being able to hear your name being called.


Also, an advantage to the Panasonic RP-HTF600-S is that you can replace the stock pleather pads with Beyer velour pads for about $25.  I find the velour pads much more comfortable, since they don't get hot and sweaty over time the way the pleather ones do.

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Anyone else have opinion on the JVC vs the Panasonic ?
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Never heard the Panasonics, but I do agree with what Dutch said about the RX700's.

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Thanks, I think I'm going to order the Panasonic.  I am going to order the Panasonic RP-HTF890 as well, as those are suppose to be competitive with the Audio Technica AD series of headphones.  They are only $20 on amazon!

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So the Panasonic HTF 600s is very impressive. I actually prefer them to the Ultrasone Pro900. They don't have as much bass, but the higher frequencies are cleared and not veiled like the Pro900. Its crazy that I seem to like a $30 headphone more than a $300 headphone.


The HTF890 headset is good for the $20 price tag, but not as impressive when you compare it to the AD700.  I still prefer the Ad700 over the HTF890.  Plus I got the AD700 used for $60 so, for the price difference of $40 to me, I will keep the AD700.     I did think the build quality of the $20 htf7890 was impressive for the price.  It has a braided cable which impressed me too.


I fully recommend the HTF600-s to anyone. $30.....can't go wrong.

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I would say panasonics if you want to listen to trance.  They aren't the most technical headphones out there, but they are fun and they sound great with almost any kind of music.  I still have a set as a throw around.

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