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Originally Posted by nywytboy68 View Post

Hmm, you my be joking but your opening the door to a flame war,...against forum rules - not a god idea. rolleyes.gif



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Originally Posted by nywytboy68 View Post

Originally Posted by DMinor View Post

The fact is my opinion is better than yours. Your opinion sucks. jkd. smily_headphones1.gif
Hmm, you my be joking but your opening the door to a flame war,...against forum rules - not a good idea. rolleyes.gif
+1 This endless debate makes me :banghead:

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I never understood that comment? Gone a bit of track with that one ! ........
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Seriously, get a 5g and 7g and do a comparison yourself and you will have a winner.


Personally what has impressed me with the 5g is the 3D imaging. I had and still have iphone4s and a Cowon J3, but it's the ipod 5g's that win hands down for me no doubt .


It also doesn't hurt you can rockbox the 5g's in less than a minute and upgrade the drives with many available options.

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Seriiously I am well confused there has been a lot of conflicted oppinions
I guess I have to compare the two for myself and come to my own conclusion
Isuppose us as music lovers we seem to always strive for better sound
Just want to be blown away by what I hear ...

Soi will get both and see what happens, there' has been debate wether a dac
Would benefit my iPhone 4s or not ?
What do you think just want to get as many oppinions as possible
I'm using the Shure 535se .

Have you ever used an external dac with your 4s .

Thanks guys ......
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Personally, I like the headphone output on the 5th gen, but prefer the line out on the 7th gen. I find that the 7th gen headphone output sounds harsh to me.
I enjoy the Fiio E17 with 7th gen via the dock connector.
That is just my opinion. It should be relatively simple to audition the ipods though.

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Putting aside the sound preference, the rockbox's drag-and-drop feature is something I greatly appreciate (shame on Apple for the iTunes - it sucks big time compared to rockbox). The search capability of Windows 7 is also amazing with the speed and accuracy. I really enjoy the experience of searching for my favorite music and then drag/drop them into the ipod like a charm.

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Hey there just purchased the 7gen classic is there anything I can use in regards to eq apart from their stock one?
I know that rockbox is not available for the 7gen model
Is there anything else I can use ?

Thanks guys .........
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Originally Posted by Nicholasheadfi2 View Post

Hey there just purchased the 7gen classic is there anything I can use in regards to eq apart from their stock one?
I know that rockbox is not available for the 7gen model
Is there anything else I can use ?
Thanks guys .........
Rockbox for the classic: http://freemyipod.org/wiki/Main_Page

Kind of complicated tho,...

And there's only the presets on an iPod - no custom settings in iTunes are transferred over. A FiiO E11 has a bass boost feature, and sounds great with the iPods.
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I just got a new, unopened gen 5 on eBay. I had a ipod touch gen 4 for a few days.. I took it back. Also..The iphone 4s still doesn't sound as good as the Gen 5 ipod. Cirrus DAC's are used. Wolfson DAC's are in the Gen 5, 5.5 ipod and gen 1 ipod touch. I had gotten a ipod gen 5 from Gamestop a few days ago and could tell a big difference. The only problem was the headphone jack didn't work.So I took that one back.  

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You're wrongbigsmile_face.gif IMO. I like the solid state drive players more. There's more to it than DACs and the Wolfsons used aren't the same as home kit. You can prefer it but I don't. My fave is the touch 3g so far though it has a higher output impedance than I prefer so the 4g is better on some things. 3g is VG via LOD. Haven't heard a 5g yet.


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The ipod 5g sounds great, great bass, mids & soft highs that pop
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I too like the 5th gen Video. Although the bass is not its best feature for me. It has a little dark sort of warmth to it but not actually that much bass. I didn't like the 6th gen Classic as much finding it a little harsh and generally too low overall sound quality indicative to me of low grade components. My old Teclast T51 has a bit more attack than these players, it also has a clear well defined bass that is more noticeable and overall clarity and lack of colour seem slightly improved. Two mono DACs and amps. seems the way to go. I actually used to prefer a Samsung YH-999 to the iPod Classics. It had a lot more bass and not as much detail. Your ears and mind adapt to players and a boomy player doesn't sound so boomy after a while which probably has some bearing on why there a so many opinions and arguments. I do however believe that sound quality is sound quality and is not what you like which goes against some opinions expressed here. If a genuine improvement in DACs/Amps, balance, headphone grade, less compression makes you think the sound is not as good as before then you are not an audiophile.
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Hope I'm not bringing up a dead horse here or committing a n00b error by resurrecting a dead thread. :o  If I am you can beat me.


But I have just gotten into this topic of sound quality and have bee browsing the forum for the last few days.  Decided to research some of my audio devices.  While I don't consider myself an audiophile I can appreciate some good sound.  I am currently on deployment and was debating which iPod to bring with me. I have an iPod 4th gen, and an iPod 5.5gen.  Along with a newer nano for working out/running with.


Anyhow when I was listening to the 4th gen vs the 5.5gen, I realized the audio quality of the 5.5gen was much better.  Didn't know it was due to the Wolfson chip.


Anyhow I was reading some of the peoples concerns here about wanting the 5th gen iPods for sound quality, but their reluctance at getting an iPod without solid state memory.


Well hopefully this will help solve some of these concerns.  Here is what I did for both my 4th gen iPod and by 5.5 gen iPod when my HDDs started to die.


I ordered the following parts, and converted my HDD from an 80GB HDD, to a 128GB SD card.


CF to 50 Pin 1.8 IDE Adapter:



SD-CF II: SD to CF Type II Adapter (Supports SDHC MMC)



Komputerbay 128GB SDXC



This is the adaptor I used for my 4th Gen iPod to take it from 20GB HDD to a 128GB SD card.



~$100 and your iPod is much more reliable, more capacity and a lot faster. :D  I'm still using the apple OS on the iPod but i'm sure with Rockbox you can have a totally custom iPod, the way apple should have released it.  I also installed a higher capacity battery since my original one was dieing on me and I had the iPod disassembled.


Forgive me if this has been covered somewhere. :o  Still a n00b :p

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Welcome to the forum DR650SE. One thing I have often wondered if I have a 30GB iPod Video and convert to a CF/SSD of 64GB. Using the original firmware if you then try to sync more than 30GBs won't iTunes stop the transfer when it gets to 31GB because the firmware in the player says I only have a 30GB drive or are Apple devices free of these kind of restrictions ?
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