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I tried some grado's out the other day expecting them to be THE headphones for rock and metal, but my surprise, I strongly disliked them. I have to admit they make guitars sound great and upfront, but there are just some other things just kept me from enjoying them. First off, they just sounded grainy and cheap if you ask me, the highs were full of sibilance which made want to turn down the volume, making the music sound distant. I'm not sensitive to treble at all, in fact, I love a powerful treble. The problem wasn't the amount of treble, it was the quality, they just sounded bad. Second, the overall sound just sounded thin. I think this is because of the lack of bass, I prefer a headphone with a thicker and fuller sound. Overall, I want a headphone which is engaging, but has a more refined sound, more bass, and a non-grainy sound. My budget is around 1000, but I would prefer to spend less. The headphone that caught my attention is the Beyer DT880, can anyone comment on how they perform for rock/metal, or if there is a better alternative (HE-500, DT990, etc. seem good as well)