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For Trade: IEM and Mini Cables, Amp and DACs or trade

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For Trade:
IEM and Mini Cables, Amp and DACs or trade

Iv been thinking about wanting to try some new gear and today i decided to give it a shot. Everything i have posted is for trade, but i will consider selling them too. Just PM me an offer. I am also more than willing to add cash to any trade if needed. 


From Right to Left:


IEM Cables: 

Chris_Himself Silver Ray Cables Gold Platted OCC copper with Rean 3.5mm Plug - 64"

Stock Unique Melody Cable (less than 5 hours on it i believe) - 48"

AmpCity Fortis V2 Solid Core Silver cable with mini Viablue plug - 48"



Mini to Mini:

Wyvern Audio Argentum Sig. A8 mini to mini cable, 8 strained pure silver cable - 12"



Fiio L9 LOD - 2.5"



Hot DAC1 that i put in a Altoids Smalls Tin Can to save space but will include its original casing.

Its a great little dac for on the go use with a laptop, tablet or ipad. 



Ibasso T4 with bass boost. 



Feel free to pm me with any offers. 

mostly looking for other cables or amps or dacs. Really just trying to see whats out there :)

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gold plated copper has been sold to me but still have not receive item

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