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Sennheiser HD 280 Pro's vs. Sony MDR-7506's

Poll Results: Which is better? Sennheiser HD 280 Pro's or Sony MDR-7506's?

  • 30% (3)
    Sennheiser HD 280 Pro's
  • 70% (7)
    Sony MDR-7506's
10 Total Votes  
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This is a topic I have wanted to post on an audio and hifi site for sometime, just to read peoples reactions to which headphone they think is better.  My current headphone collection consists of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro's, Sony MDR-7506's, Sony MDR-XB700's, the new Apple "Ear Pods" (Which I must say actually sound pretty good considering) and Etymonic 6i's and Etymonic HF5's. However, I listen to the Sennheisers and the Sony MDR-7506's most often, and I am having trouble deciding which I truly like more.  I do listen to both off an amp, but it is a speaker amp with a headphone out so not a dedicated headphone amp.  Which do you prefer? The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro's, or the Sony MDR-7506's?  Feel free to include sound quality, build quality, comfort, price and technical specifications in your assessment. Cheers!

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I prefer the Sony's. The clamp on the Senns is not bearable for me.
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I own the Sennheiser HD 280 pros and i've had them for over two years. I can't answer your question on which i prefer since i haven't listened to the others but i can say that the 280 pros are decent. Im listening to them right now and they have a very balanced sound sig. When i first got them the bass was non-existent, but they've transformed over time and now provide very satisfying and deep bass. They don't do detail as well as my old Sennheiser IE80s though.


They're built well too, they've gone through a lot in the two years i've owned them. They also clamp quite a bit so i need to take them off every hour or so..

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The 7506s have better bass than the HD280s, but are also much more bright.
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The problem here is that the 7506 is much more popular. You'll get more votes for it on that alone. 


I owned both. There is NO question as to what I preferred. The HD280 is much better for me. I don't understand the poster above, have you listened to both? Because the HD280 bass is much more impactful than the 7506. What do you mean by "better?" 


I had loads of fun with the HD 280. The 7506 is for monitoring, and that's what I used it for. It's truly a studio can. For fun, go HD280. Plentiful bass, solid mids, and smooth highs. 

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I will say that I have gotten the Sony MDR-7506's to sound much more "fun" if you will with some fine tuning of my amplifiers equalizer.  Boosting the bass a little bit, leaving the mids where they are and reducing the highs a fairly decent amount achieves a much more musical and less analytical experience from the 7506's.  However, I do know where you are coming from with the HD 280 Pro's, they sound much more musical right out of the box, with no equalization changes.

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