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So Mike, these aren't worth our time? Stick with the K550s?
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Yep...I'm wondering too. I doubt it would sound as good due to the cable not even gold-plated. May want to try an eq app thru the App Store.
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The cans are great in sound, comfort and the remote is very responsive. The volume up/down feature only works with apple products. the answer phone call button and play/pause button does work with android phones etc...

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Hmm... rolleyes.gif

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At this time, I can't say that the K551 is better than the K550. In fact, it is a lot less enjoyable for me on iPhone 4s or with amp. I'll break it in some more in hope of it improving. Stay tuned for more impressions.

BTW, the K551 is actually less efficient than the K550 on an iPhone. I was surprised by that.
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I agree with you. I love the new color scheme of the K551, but if these initial impressions are true, then what's the point in even getting the K551? They don't even have the removable cable... AKG doesn't learn, you know. :(

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Noticed if I "burn in" my 550 with equalizer using bass booster, it really kicks in the variomotion drivers. Bass is now fantastic without an amp!
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Got myself K 550. The sound is just incredible (when you can get a good fit and seal, which is very hard) for the price! But the comfort is really awful! Really hard to get a good fit and the headband is rock hard, creates a hotspot on top of the head.


Kinda hit and miss. I wish it had velour pads. If this would have a HD600/650 comfort levet it would be hit!


Hope AKG will improve the comfort level with this sound!

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They are slowly settling in... the sound is great and the controls very responsive. sad about the cable though.. they are a little big for my head so might consider selling them if anyone interested..... i just got them last week.....

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Just picked up the K550's as well.. very anxious to hear your final impressions as I really wanted the portability, inline controls and shorter wire on the 551's. The white is SEXY too :)


Love the sound of the K550s - such a soundstage and spacious!!


Between all my phones (Beats Pro, M50, K702 and the JH13s), I think this one intrigued me the most. Wondering if I should return the 550s in hopes that the 551s will be equally as stellar?!!?


Do tell!! :P

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let me know if you do. Iam selling my K551's new because theyre too big for my small head.. :(

I can sell them lot cheaper than at AKG website or amazon

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Which ones are better sound wise, and which ones are better for public use like on the tram/bus?

Will both still be alright for public use?

I really actually wanted a good nois eisolating pair of headphones for public use, so initially I thought about the K550's because of the good design, sound quality and isolation. But what about the K551s, are they the same or better sound quality?

I mean they don't even have a gold plated cable so the sound is not the best.

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K550 sounds better, a lot better.  Neither are good for portable use IMO.

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Originally Posted by HiFiGuy528 View Post

K550 sounds better, a lot better.  Neither are good for portable use IMO.

Not at all?
I mean for listening on the bus when I'm sitting down...

I know they are not good for like walking around. Compared to Beats Pro, are they better or worse than K550s for portability?

And what affects its portability, the wire length, size or what else?

Similarly would the Sennheiser Momentum be a more portable alternative? And can they be compared in sound quality?

What about the AKG 272HD, are they better in sound quality than the k550s and the Momentum, and what about portability?

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